Two Things: Agents and Listings

I believe there is great power in simplicity. I think we generally over complicate business. Heck, I think we generally over complicate life. But that’s a completely different blog post.

Let’s get back to keeping it simple in the real estate business. I have several people in my life who remind me almost daily that what we do is not rocket science, it’s just real estate. So then, why do we make it so darn complicated?

I was having a conversation with one of our franchisees the other day. It started with the normal exchange of pleasantries. I then complimented him on the growth he has been experiencing in his office recently. He attracted 6 experienced agents in January and another 7 in February. A great start to the year. I should also disclose his office is located in Florida- not exactly the envy of North American real estate right now. I asked him what he attributed this strong start to the year to.

He said, this year “I’m focusing on two things everyday: agents and listings.”

I work with brokers everyday analyzing financials, looking at performance indicators, developing talent attraction strategies and numerous other things. By the end of the day, it is easy to pile up the to do’s and the tasks. In fact, usually the pile is so high that we have to spend a good portion of our time reducing the pile to manageable and actionable items. We have to eliminate the “shiny” as I like to say. These are the things that don’t directly contribute to your goals. That’s what struck me as brilliant about the simplicity of focus demonstrated by Vince Laviano, Broker/Owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Laviano & Associates, when he said “agents and listings.”


  • Experienced agents are looking for leadership and an environment that will support their success. Many have been disappointed and disillusioned by the lack of both of these things from their current brokerage. If you can demonstrate that your company can provide these elements, you’ll become the destination brokerage for many great agents.
  • There are still people getting their real estate license in every state, every day across the country. Don’t discount the new agent to the industry right now. Those who are getting into the business now are probably the highest quality and most talented new entrants we’ve seen in years. These are business people who you should be proud to partner with in your company.
  • Your existing agents need you. They need you to lead. They need you to expand your skill set and help continually expand their value proposition to today’s buyer and seller. Don’t forget about them.


  • Having saleable listings has always been and will always be the back bone of every successful real estate professionals and brokerage’s business.
  • Moving up, changing neighborhoods, financial distress, death, divorce, downsizing. People move for all sorts of reasons. Good markets and bad markets aside, as real estate professionals we have to be good listing agents. If agents focused on prospecting for listings everyday and their brokerage supported this effort through various lead generation programs, we would have a win-win situation.

We are staring down the end of the first quarter of 2010.

  • What are you focusing on this year to reach your goals?
  • How’s that working out for you so far?
  • Has it all gotten complicated or have you kept it simple?

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