Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

To fail or not to fail. Just as real estate is finally contending with the reality that newspapers really don’t deliver value and that their demise might open up mew opportunities, Washington steps in and talks bailout. Is this a good idea? The Business Insider Silicon Alley had some thoughts on that this week.

Lynda Gratton is a professor at London Business School. She often writes smart/feel good articles. Learn to Glow is one such example that offers us insight into how to become invaluable at work.

Can you over Twitter? Yup. And when you do, you run the risk of loosing followers. Check this video by RodneyB from Reachd.

Good brain candy this week on Mashable titled 10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media. They are thinking long term effects. The ones that will be experienced by the younger generation. Are you thinking long term?

So you’ve thinking all this social networking and social media is a waste of time. But have you actually come up concrete reasons why? Yann Gourvennec came up with 8 reasons why. And once once you read them, perhaps the you’ll arrive at the same conclusion that social media offers so many new capabilities that it is worth making the effort to launch an initiative for your enterprise.

It’s no secret that social networking is reaching a tipping point in real estate. published this post titled Social Networking Sites A New Force in Real Estate that adds to the general conversation distilling info about different networks and how to best utilize them. The article centers around a presentation by Pierre Calzadilla of Trulia which is worth watching.

It seems that apps for iPhone are getting all the attention. Well that’s not surprising really. 1000wattblog gave us some insight into why that is. But if you are a Blackberry user, Mobile Crunch reports on what Google and Blackberry are working on to help make some of Google’s standalone apps (Gmail, Google Calendar ) easier to use.

Do you have a Macbook? I know, in the past it never made sense to have one if you are real estate. Mac are not only elegant machines, the run Windows programs, they are a breeze to use and they make you look cool. Well, I’m not alone here. Check this out from consumer reports.

Read this post by Douglas Rushkoff when you have time. It’s worth it. It’s titled Lessons from the front stoop. It’s long, engaging taken from a book he’s writing.

Woody Lewis, blog beat covers social media strategy for newspapers. In his latest blog on Mashable he offers readers 5 Ways Tradition Media is going social. Considering real estate heavy dependence on traditional media for branding and service advertising and its ongoing need to better understand the implications social media will have on its marketing bedfellows, this post illustrates how new media such as Twitter, YouTube, etc. can be leveraged in the future.

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