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The influence and prevalence of social networking site Twitter was made abundantly clear when news on the death of Osama Bin Laden broke Sunday evening. 

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Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Marketing used to be simple. A flyer. A postcard distributed to your farm. A newspaper ad in what once was a robust real estate section filled with listings. Today, simplicity has not be replaced, just relocated to the Internet where social networking websites are providing small business great new opportunities to market their services and wares. Rhonda Abrams digs into the top 5 and how small business can make best use them in her post titled Strategies: Which social networking site is best for your small business?

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Newspaper vs. Internet

In real estate we have already seen the value of newspapers virtually disappear in terms their power to attract buyers. The following chart is one that I recommend every agent have on hand during a listing appointment. It clearly shows where buyers are finding the homes they buy, and it’s not the newspaper.

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Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

To fail or not to fail. Just as real estate is finally contending with the reality that newspapers really don’t deliver value and that their demise might open up mew opportunities, Washington steps in and talks bailout. Is this a good idea? The Business Insider Silicon Alley had some thoughts on that this week.

Lynda Gratton is a professor at London Business School. She often writes smart/feel good articles. Learn to Glow is one such example that offers us insight into how to become invaluable at work.

Can you over Twitter? Yup. And when you do, you run the risk of loosing followers. Check this video by RodneyB from Reachd.

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Friday Blog Scan: Things we liked from the week that was

Our interest in Twitter continues. The more we learn, the more we understand, the more it makes sense. PR-Squared published this post titled Remember That You’re Being Watched that serves to remind us of the importance of maintaining a certain decorum on line along with the things we can do to manage our online reputation.

A disharmonious culture can paralyze an organization. As Seth Godin points out, all it takes is one person – the know it all – “who also happens to be a big jerk”. If you have an employee who nails his job but is a thorn in the side of everyone else, read this blog titled Yeah, but he really knows his stuff.

Your cell phone may be the most important tool in your business arsenal. Peyman Aleagha makes it crystal clear why in his post on Geek Estate Blog

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