Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Bill Gates, Barry Diller and about a billion dollars in venture capital have been thrown at real estate. Yet for the most part, the transaction today looks almost identical to what it was back in 1990. Brian Boero from 1000wattconsulting takes a peak at real estate past and present. He wonders if we have reached the end of the real estate story or not. This is a riveting post worth reading.

Lon Cohen, writer and Director of Communication at publishes 7 Ways to Approach Twitter published on Mashable that includes a litany of great links to learn by example.

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RETech South

On March 20th, I was one of a few hundred people who attended RETech South (#rets) in Atlanta Georgia. It was a special event for several reasons. First and foremost because of the organizers. Two local Atlanta Realtors who for the second year in a row invested their own time and energy to bring together their peers both inside and outside of their trading area. This is a rare and wonderful thing. I have huge respect for Matt Fagioli and Brad Nix. Thanks for everything you do.

Another reason this event was special was the attendees. People from all major brands and unaffiliated companies, big companies and small companies were all represented. Some new to the industry, some long time veterans. Some tech power users, and many self-professed non tech people. Their one common driving force: how do I use various technology based tools to better serve my clients and operate my business?

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Friday Blog Scan: Things we liked from the week that was

Our interest in Twitter continues. The more we learn, the more we understand, the more it makes sense. PR-Squared published this post titled Remember That You’re Being Watched that serves to remind us of the importance of maintaining a certain decorum on line along with the things we can do to manage our online reputation.

A disharmonious culture can paralyze an organization. As Seth Godin points out, all it takes is one person – the know it all – “who also happens to be a big jerk”. If you have an employee who nails his job but is a thorn in the side of everyone else, read this blog titled Yeah, but he really knows his stuff.

Your cell phone may be the most important tool in your business arsenal. Peyman Aleagha makes it crystal clear why in his post on Geek Estate Blog

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