Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

There’s lots of theories around on how to increase traffic ranking and manage all the various aspects of your website. Link building would be included as one of them. Some believe the art of link building is dead. The folks at Search Engine Land believes that’s a lie

Like us, if you are using WordPress to run your Website or Blog, you know how powerful of a platform it is. Here are 10 Awesome Things To Do With WordPress’ Custom Fields to help make your web destination bigger, badder & better.

This is how this post begins, “Businesses need to outgrow the “gangly teenage” phase of social media and adopt best practices to get the most out of Twitter, Facebook and other tools, said national experts at the Social Fresh conference Monday in uptown Charlotte.” Makes you want to read more doesn’t it? Here you go: How Social Media are like Sex

This is a cool little ditty – a story about how one company went from Anonymity to Fame With Just One Tweet. This is about how social media is changing how companies make news and how the new world of public relations is practiced.

Realizing this story is about one in a billion, this post titled  The Social Media Revolution: Statistics Show Social Media Isn’t A Fad Anymore layers bullet point after bullet point, suggesting social media might be the biggest shift since the industrial revolution.

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