Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Granted we’re bullish about Twitter. But we’re also realistic about it. TechCrunch brings some of that realism to life in this post titled On Twitter, most people are sheep which documents how many people actually use Twitter regularly and how many, 80% to be exact, don’t.

Sometimes I think agents get in their own way and in their quest to do the right end up doing the wrong thing. And miss out an opportunity to do right by their client. Colleen Fischesser documents one such experience representing her buyer and what happens when the listing agent just doesn’t get it in a post she titled I’d rather you just said thank you.

Some simple, but succinct advice on promoting your business through Facebook

Who doesn’t face writers block every now and then? Sometimes, it’s not even writers block you suffer from but burn out from the deep thinking you engage in all day at work. And yet a blog post is due, your at deadline and you need a muse. Sugar Pine Realty/GMAC Blog offers this advice titled Blog Writing Ideas for Realtors.

Authenticity vs Authority. Mark Olson discusses these two schools of thought. Which is more important? Which begat the other? Which matters most? He then asked some of the smartest business and branding writers and commentators for their opinions. Check it out here.

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