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Our interest in Twitter continues. The more we learn, the more we understand, the more it makes sense. PR-Squared published this post titled Remember That You’re Being Watched that serves to remind us of the importance of maintaining a certain decorum on line along with the things we can do to manage our online reputation.

A disharmonious culture can paralyze an organization.  As Seth Godin points out, all it takes is one person – the know it all – “who also happens to be a big jerk”. If you have an employee who nails his job but is a thorn in the side of everyone else, read this blog titled Yeah, but he really knows his stuff.

Your cell phone may be the most important tool in your business arsenal. Peyman Aleagha makes it crystal clear why in his post on Geek Estate Blog

The Ann Arbor News will shut down in July ending their 174-year history as a newspaper. Team366 Blog ran this story which includes a video clip from content director, Tony Deering of “The end of the newspaper does not signal the end of journalism” he said. In July they will launch an online news and community network “unlike anything a media company has done before”. He refers the digital format as the future of journalism. It’s well worth watching.

How much does the average family spend on housing? published some shocking facts according to HUD in this post that illustrates where we spend more than half of what we earn.

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