Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

From TechFlash, what if you wanted to subscribe to the Twitter feeds of large groups instead of just one individual? TweepML is a new service that let’s you do that.

For those who Twitter:  Some Twitter client updates and improvements for Tweetdeck and HootSuite worthy of note from Mashable.

From ReadWriteWeb this week, How Facebook beat MySpace: From college Dorm to Platform

Setting up a blog is pretty easy. So is getting it live online. And populating it with some content, adding some links, a few widgets and you’re off and running. But what about design? From icons, to copy to color and vibe. Here’s 9 things you can’t forget when designing blog from Tutorial9

Andy Semovitz is without question one of the gurus of WOM (word of mouth marketing). OpenForum provides us with 16 wicked easy word-of-mouth marketing techniques culled from their review of Andy’s revised edition

According to Scott Sambucci of Altos Research the laws of supply and demand directly applies to the housing market and a cross section of inventory trends trends taking place around the country offering a very telling story including its effects on pricing going into the fall.

From Tony Robbins to Tom Ferry to the 1000’s of books available on self help and positive thinking, I think we can all agree that having a positive attitude in everything is the cornerstone of success across all areas of your life. In real estate we all know the market is not what it was a few years ago. But is it a bad market? Granted unfortunate things are happening for some people but that occurs when markets appear to be sizzling too. How you deal with circumstances and how you tweak your perspective will make all the difference between an agent who has no business and a colleague in the market who is having a banner year. In the spirit of positive thinking, RISMedia offers some simple tips on How to Stay Positive No Matter What

A perspective from WSJ, yes the Housing Market Has Rarely Looked Better citing data from S&P/Case-Shiller that real-estate prices hit a bottom some time during the second quarter, and have now begun to rise.

Marketing in 2009. It means looking beyond print. But it also means looking beyond your website, your blog, your Twitter account. Joe Ferarra at Sellsius is one those guys who is always looking beyond and sometimes even sees the things that are right under our nose. As he did here in this post titled: How to Market on Wikipedia, Social Media’s Knowledge Channel

Five advantages of hiring Gen Y Employees. A simple, straight to the point post by Jessica Stillman who overlooks the non-flattering stereotypes of Gen Y and focuses on their value.

Have a great weekend!

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