Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

A simple blog post featuring by Matthew Rutledge. Pictures indeed do say 100o words in this piece titled AM/PM. Okay, so this is not about real estate but for agents that feel blogging is too hard, or requires too much time, there are other ways to use social media and make an impact.

The useful part is that Twitter can be a great way to both learn of news events and survey what people are saying about them. It’s no substitute for firsthand reporting and rigorous editing, of course, but it can be a fascinating supplement. This is according to John J Edwards in his piece published on WSJ here.

Some good tips here (5) on how to improve your website ranking Google published on Homegain Blog.

Jeremiah over at Web Strategy takes Chris Brogan’s 50 ways marketers can use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing and splits them up into categories by the following objectives. Listening. Talking. Energizing. Supporting. Embracing.

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