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Organizing Thoughts and Ideas

Each day I’m bombarded with ideas, thoughts and perspectives. So many that I realized if I didn’t find a way to organize them, I’d forget them. By the time I scan the latest blogs and e-newsletters, talk with people, watch some TV, get through a chapter of the latest book on my list, skim Twitter/Facebook, and read a magazine I’ve gotten at least one or two thoughts or ideas worth remembering from the day.

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Icing on the Cake

Whether filling my gas tank at a full-service station (whatever happened to the man who squeegees the windshield?) or dining handsomely at a five-star restaurant, my service expectation does not waiver. I’ll admit it, I’m a service snob.

I had the pleasure of dining at Scalini Fedeli in Tribeca, New York last Saturday evening. The restaurant had been recommended by a friend so I asked around, read reviews and visited their website. Everything I heard and read piqued my interest and raised my level of anticipation for a wonderful dining experience. As always, the real test is always in the actual experience and everyone at Scalini Fedeli lived up to my expectations and more, delivering one notch above throughout the evening.

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Part 2 – “As the Early Signs of Recovery Emerge, Don’t Pop-the-Cork Just Yet!”

Selling through the current economic “Yin-yang”
(The coherent fabric of nature and mind, exhibited in all existence)

The Yang

It is interesting how there always seem to be two sides to every economic rebound. One recent effect of increased real estate market activity is a gradual increase in long-term mortgage interest rates. After bottoming out this past March in the vicinity of 4.5% for a 30-year fixed loan, the current and still historically low rate of 5.5% seems inflated to increasingly price-sensitive consumers. As a result, homes sales and refinancing are being impacted, albeit only slightly.

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Putting Ideas Into Action After FLOW

I take a deep breath, swing open the car door, pop the umbrella, grab my stuff and make a run for the office through the pouring rain. Just another day in Jersey! As I’m jumping over the puddles I hear my iPhone ringing and think here we go.

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Newspaper vs. Internet

In real estate we have already seen the value of newspapers virtually disappear in terms their power to attract buyers. The following chart is one that I recommend every agent have on hand during a listing appointment. It clearly shows where buyers are finding the homes they buy, and it’s not the newspaper.

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One Size Will Not Fit All in the Future

In the early days of the economic downturn, many broker owners took a “wait and see” position, hopeful that the market would turn around quickly. As the bad news continued, survival mode kicked in and brokers found themselves playing catch up and making tough decisions they never thought they would have to make such as closing offices, downsizing staff, merging with competitors. The focus was primarily on doing the things in the present that would help guarantee a place in the future. Times such as these do not allow most of us the luxury of thinking ahead and planning for what the future will look like in this industry.

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What Happens when Your Identity is Confused with Others?

Unless you have a very unusual name, chances are there are several other people in the world that share your first and last name. This is kinda neat, but what if your name twin doesn’t do the honor justice?

Before the Internet, you may have never known. Now a simple Google search can lead to all kinds of misunderstandings. What if a client runs a Google search and instead of you turning up, your name twin does?

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Hanging with Eagles Like Larry Kendall

Yesterday, Steve Murray kicked off his annual Gathering of Eagles conference in Dallas. First up on the speaker list was Larry Kendall from The Group Inc. based in northern Colorado. He is well known for his Ninja Selling program.

If you know Larry, have heard him speak or are aware of him by reputation you’ll know he is a unique person. He has a calm assertive energy that you can’t help but be attracted to. Plus, he’s quite brilliant and understands this industry and real estate professionals in a distinct way.

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Capitalizing on Today’s Low Mortgage Interest Rates

We are surely at historic lows in mortgage interest rates and there is much to be gained by refinancing your home mortgage, but accomplishing this requires a systematic approach and a careful attention to detail. The new economy has brought with it a heighted sense of risk and banks may require some convincing before opening up the money gates. There are a number of things to be aware of that, if understood, will help to make your loan application process smoother and more successful. I hope that the following ideas are helpful.

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