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It’s Time to Consider Succession Planning

Recent surveys provide some alarming statistics. Only one percent of family-owned businesses in North America reach a third generation with family members running them. Another report shows that 30 percent of all family-owned businesses have not considered a successor, with only 63 percent having done so when the owner has already reached age 65. Finally, another recent survey shows that more than 58 percent of small-business owners list inadequate succession planning as the biggest threat facing their business.

Given the fact that 90 percent of the 18 million-plus businesses in America are family-owned and managed, it’s obvious that a solid succession plan will be important should the majority owner.

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Why is Change So Difficult & What to Do About It

Through all of the turbulence of the past three years, it is interesting to look back on it all and ask, why is change so difficult for most of us to negotiate? More changes are likely to occur as we move toward the real estate industry of the future, so it would be helpful to deal with the concept of change-resistance and to better understand the reasons behind our change-averse culture.

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NAR’s March Release: Is the Media Too Positive this Time??

Sorry to play the contrarian again, but why all the hoopla over NAR’s release this week? Was the news really good enough to elicit a “wow”?

Believe me, after absorbing one ugly headline after another (both fair and unfair) for years now, the industry could certainly use a positive spin on the numbers. Like many others I know, I felt that the media practically reveled in reporting bad news while too often failing to expand on the whole story. This time around, though, I must be missing something because I just don’t get why this is the month when the figures are being trumpeted as the possible first signs of a turnaround.

So pardon me if I’m flying against the positive media winds when I think February was barely different than prior months; as before, I see in the numbers reasons to be both cautious and cautiously optimistic. But I sure ain’t ready to call this yet.

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Pennsylvania Magic

Every once in a while, a situation presents itself that gives people the opportunity to do something they might have previously considered impossible.  Like many

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