Putting Ideas Into Action After FLOW

I take a deep breath, swing open the car door, pop the umbrella, grab my stuff and make a run for the office through the pouring rain. Just another day in Jersey! As I’m jumping over the puddles I hear my iPhone ringing and think here we go.

Once inside and dried off I retrieve my first voice mail of the day from Tom Wilkins, broker owner of Better Homes and Gardens Wilkins & Associates. To my pleasant surprise this voice mail required no action or follow up on my part. Tom was calling to share some recent activities and related successes he had.

Last week, we held a 2.5 day Franchisee Learning and Orientation Workshop (we call this event FLOW). We had almost 50 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate owners and managers from across the country in attendance. As you can imagine a lot of thought and work goes into planning an event like this and what the agenda should look like from a content point of view.

One of my presentations was titled “Using Social Media as a Management Tool.” Camilla Sullivan, our SVP of Marketing did a presentation on “Creating and Managing PR at a Local Level.” You always hope after a presentation that you motivated and inspired the audience in a way that will help their business.

As they say, actions speak louder than words. Tom Wilkins’ voice message was to let me know that he learned a lot at FLOW last week and had already put some of our suggestions into play. Specifically, he had taken action on ideas that both Camilla and I had presented during the sessions mentioned above. He shared that he had taken our advice on some of the ways to improve his companies Facebook presence and had used the social media tool to make contact with several local editors to improve PR connections. He gave me a list of other ideas he had taken away from the sessions and how he was working on implementing those as well.

What a great way to start yet another rainy day in New Jersey! This type of feedback is what keeps our energy level high and our focus in the right place. Tom, thanks for sharing and to everyone who attended FLOW thanks for making it a wonderful event and making history with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

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