Hanging with Eagles Like Larry Kendall

Yesterday, Steve Murray kicked off his annual Gathering of Eagles conference in Dallas. First up on the speaker list was Larry Kendall from The Group Inc. based in northern Colorado. He is well known for his Ninja Selling program.

If you know Larry, have heard him speak or are aware of him by reputation you’ll know he is a unique person. He has a calm assertive energy that you can’t help but be attracted to. Plus, he’s quite brilliant and understands this industry and real estate professionals in a distinct way.

I’d thought I’d share some of my notes from his session. I hope you’ll find some ideas and some of the perspectives interesting.

  • A leader must inspire three personal beliefs in their team: 1) belief in real estate as a career; 2) belief in your company; and 3) belief in yourself
  • We are in one of three of the basic/fundamental industries: food, clothing and shelter
  • 3 keys to success: mindset, skill set and action
  • 3 D’s to success: dream (mindset), dedicate (skill set), and dare (action)
  • “Stop waiting for the storm to end and start learning to dance in the rain.”
  • You can decide to “ride it out” or “thrive it out.”
  • A CMA is obsolete, you must present absorption pricing and odds of selling analysis
  • 4 pillars of brand building: recognition, reputation, relevance and differentiation
  • “Evolve” or “Dissolve”

Real estate companies, brokers and agents are now siting on the threshold of realizing that whatever the past was, is gone. And it’s become increasingly clear that whatever the present is, is just a welcome mat to the future they must soon create. The path forward is clear. He’s laid out the breadcrumbs. The question is, who is prepared to follow.

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