New Jersey

Week In Review

If the “kickoff” of football season and the baseball playoffs have not put you in an autumnal mood yet, perhaps this will!  A man in

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Weather and Psychology

If you’ve been following the US Open, you’re likely as frustrated with the rain as all of us living in the area are. It has rained almost every day of June in New Jersey. And I don’t mean a short shower; I mean raining cats and dogs for hours, upon hours, upon hours…

I’ve been joking with people that my spirit is damaged. Could 18 some odd days of rain and temperatures well below seasonal really do that?

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Putting Ideas Into Action After FLOW

I take a deep breath, swing open the car door, pop the umbrella, grab my stuff and make a run for the office through the pouring rain. Just another day in Jersey! As I’m jumping over the puddles I hear my iPhone ringing and think here we go.

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Are You Deterred or Determined?

Not much surprises me. I’m a Jersey girl, born and bred. No one has to convince me the Paterson Waterfalls should be a National Landmark and “How you doin?” rolls off my tongue naturally. I did witness something recently though that literally stopped me in my tracks.

My normal driving route to the gym takes me along a strip of the Passaic River in the pre-dawn hours. The mist was heavy over the murky waters this chilly morning and I noticed movement through the fog. I slowed my car and watched a figure take shape. First, the reflective vest outlined a silhouette, then a vessel came into view. A lone canoeist gliding across the water in the pre-dawn hours is not commonplace by any stretch of the imagination. I pulled to the side of the road and watched.

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