How Agents Spread the Word About Newly Listed Homes for Sale


In an industry driven by data, agents can get lost in the details rather than developing a meaningful marketing narrative. People buy more than a listing – they purchase their preferred lifestyle. From eye-catching curb appeal to virtual tours, agents need to make listed properties memorable to clients. Potential buyers should be able to visualize their lives in the house. Discover creative ways the most productive agents spread the word about newly listed homes for sale.

Maximize MLS Listings

MLS listings continue to be one of the leading sources of available homes for interested buyers. While the scope and length of an MLS listing are limited, a viable opportunity exists for agents to market newly listed homes for sale. Craft a compelling description that outlines the features of the house and how they benefit the owners. Include plenty of photos, preferably captured by the expert eye of a professional photographer. Showcase the yard, rooms, and most appealing aspects of a home. Use persuasive language and beautiful images to grab the attention of possible buyers and stand out from the sea of mundane, spec-driven property descriptions.

Become Upwardly Mobile With an Effective Elevator Pitch

The average length of a television commercial is 30 seconds. Marketers have less than a minute to connect with viewers, inspire interest, and get them to take action. What if an agent only had a half minute to communicate with potential buyers? Develop a 30-second elevator pitch to share whenever people ask about what you do for a living. From professional meet-ups to social gatherings, an effective elevator pitch makes people remember you and helps generate more leads. Focus on your unique talents, areas of expertise and dedication to providing outstanding customer service. Infuse the pitch with personality and add hooks that make people trust you and want to know more.

Realize the Need to Optimize

Savvy agents realize the need to optimize all web content, blogs, and social media entries. Use demographic and personal data to define your target market and determine what they want now. For example, last year millennials were top real estate buyers, but market conditions today make it more difficult for millennials to buy a property. Perform keyword research to look for search terms based on relevancy, volume, and competition. Include keywords in the property description and image ALT tags to bring more people to the listing. Create a site map and optimize all the title tags and metadata. The right words attract traffic from search engines and resonate with real readers.

Innovative Open Houses

An open house should be more than a mundane event with beverages and munchies. Innovative open houses can sell a home before it officially hits the market. Invite industry professionals, including other agents and brokers, bankers, builders, investors, attorneys, and inspectors. Invite movers and shakers who would be interested in the property, such as local celebrities for a luxury open house. Stage the home before the open house to ensure it makes a fantastic first impression on the visitors. Place colorful brochures about the property throughout the home. Are you working with buyers who have money but no extra time? Use the power of technology to host a virtual open house. Buyers from around the world can gain instant access to the property, ask questions, and tour specific areas.

Saturate All Types of Marketing Mediums

Marketing was a simple endeavor a couple of decades ago. Agents got business cards, printed brochures, and wrote general listing descriptions. Adding a few photos taken by the agent was a bonus. Today there is a myriad of marketing mediums to spread the word about newly listed homes for sale. MLS, real estate broker website and blogs, and social media are all viable ways to attract attention. Post images on sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Post a live streaming video of a house tour on Facebook, and share brief updates with links on Twitter. Remember to use old-school methods, such as snail mail, email, and handing out brochures to connect with older buyers. Pull out all the stops to generate more leads.The Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brand, a leader in the social media space with more than 450,000 fans and followers, helps its agents connect with customers and industry professionals to share inspiration and education through the use of a one-of-a-kind social media content sharing tool.

Make Local Connections

The most successful agents are respected members of the community. Neighbors frequently see them dining at local eateries, attending community events, and helping out with area charities. Become a valued local resource by posting community news on your social media page or blog. Get interactive on social media and share posts from other local businesses to show your support. Encourage reciprocal referrals with other professionals in the area. Host a community event, such as a neighborhood cleanup project. Are you a fun-loving agent? Host a monthly happy hour and invite local professionals along with past, present, and future clients. Casual mingling is a great way to make authentic connections and generate leads.

Top agents know how to amplify newly listed homes for sale. People recommend agents who can sell a home quickly and provide useful information every step of the way. Help clients improve their curb appeal, stage the house, and create a space where buyers can imagine themselves living. Harness the power of new and classic marketing strategies to throw out a wide net to possible buyers. And develop a list of qualified buyers and their criteria for dream homes to have a pool of prospects as soon as the listing agreement is signed. Remember, a well-prepared agent makes the most money!

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