Ideas for Staging a House to Sell to Millennial Buyers


Millennial buyers have concerns and preferences that differ from past generations. Small homes with affordable down payments and updated features are top priorities for these discerning buyers. Agents who understand this growing market can help the future generation buy and sell houses for years to come. Staging a house to sell for millennial buyers requires a fresh approach with a modern flair.

Bright and Clean Lines

About a third of the current buyers are millennials, and savvy agents reach out to them. The dark and fussy rooms associated with grandma’s house are a deterrent when an agent tries to sell a house to millennials. Bright and clean lines with modern touches appeal to this hip generation. While new homes have clean lines, older ones need staging to show their value to these buyers. Light and bright rooms with neutral colors are the most appealing. Encourage sellers to add a coat of paint to the walls to modernize the look. If that’s impossible, share affordable ideas with potential buyers to help them visualize making the home their own.

The Uncluttered Generation

Personal items and unnecessary stuff should be cleared about before showing a house to millennials. This uncluttered generation doesn’t want to see flowered wallpaper, dusty throw rugs, and a curio cabinet full of photos and collectibles. All these items should be put out of sight and in storage. Get rid of deflated toys and discolored lawn chairs in the yard. And look at docks, porches, and balconies to ensure they are clear. Furnish outdoor spaces sparsely, with a bistro set in small areas or a bench swing in larger ones. Millennial buyers want to walk through and imagine themselves living in the space.

Learn the Lifestyle

Progressive agents are learning the lifestyle habits and language of millennial buyers. Many of them work long hours and weekends to save for a house. They might have little money to put down on a home or do repairs on a fixer-upper. Work with a network of mortgage bankers who understand the needs of these new buyers and can offer creative solutions. These buyers also want smaller homes that are easy to maintain with plenty of nooks for socializing. Intelligent storage is another concern, especially for green millennials who use bikes and public transportation rather than owning cars. Others are parents and dedicated dog owners who want fenced yards and areas to run. And affiliated Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to special discounts to help new buyers save money.

Make it Modern

Modern matters to the millennial market who grew up with all the latest technology at their young fingertips. Shag carpeting, faded quilts, and tired paneling will send them walking out the door. Refinish hardwood flooring to show off its timeless appeal. To appeal to green buyers, install energy-efficient windows that provide security while letting in plenty of natural light. Remove paneling, wallpapers, and mirrors. Paint the walls calm and neutral tones rather than whites or bright hues that are hard on the eye. Beyond the house and yard, showcase the advantages of living in the area. Walking trails, dog parks, restaurants, bars, shopping, cultural venues, and libraries are all places frequented by millennials.

Smart Features for a Tech-Savvy Crowd

While the house can be small and simple, millennials want updated technology. Energy-efficient appliances are a top priority to save money on utility bills and do the right thing for the environment. Updated electrical outlets with areas to charge electronics appeal to this busy generation. Swap out old fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen with new ones that offer luxuries such as a rain shower. Smart features are appealing, such as remote control lighting and blinds for easy access and a tech-savvy feel.

Hang Out in the Right Places

One a house is staged to appeal to millennials, market it where they hang out most often. Snapchat and Instagram are excellent ways to reach out to this fast-paced group. And Snapchat offers a geofilter to create interactive experiences with prospective buyers on the property. Photographs should be premium to stand out from the myriad of other images they view each day. Include video tours for millennials to view the house from mobile devices as they search on-the-go. Stage showings via Facebook live to attract attention. Offer contact information via text, phone, email or chat for total convenience.

Sellers who understand the value of staging a house to sell to millennials can tap into this rapidly growing pool of buyers. Making a few simple renovations and changing the environment goes a long way to increase the value of a home in a millennial’s eyes. And agents with a knack for staging homes and connecting with these buyers are sure to see plenty of referrals in the future.

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