4 iPhone Apps That Will Help Grow Your Business in 2011

Around this time last year I sat down and wrote out my goals for 2010; separated into groups of having, doing and being. Reflecting back on my goals, I’m proud to say I accomplished more than I had dreamed of in one year’s time, which makes setting goals for 2011 all the more exciting.

One thing I learned in 2010 is that to make your dream goals happen, whether it is selling 30 homes in a year or building an internet presence for your real estate business, you need to make it easier to accomplish those goals. The four iPhone apps below will help you do just that:

Streaks iPhone App
Cross Off The Days You Complete Your Tasks

1. Streaks ($1.99*; iTunes Store) – Streaks is my new favorite app for the iPhone because it’s all about accountability. Using an individual calendar for each goal, you mark every day you complete a task towards your goal and Streaks will tell you what your longest streak towards achieving that goal has been.

In real world use, imagine wanting to get five listing appointments every week or one a day between Monday – Friday. Create a calendar with Streaks and check off each day you succeed at your goal. Be warned: This is an addictive and fun way to achieve goals so brace yourself!

JotNot Scanner Pro iPhone
Example: Selecting Text in JotNot

2. JotNot Scanner Pro ($0.99*; iTunes Store) – As an agent one of my major weakness was my inability to keep all of my notes on a client in one place. I started out with noble intentions, creating a listing folder and all that, but give it a few weeks and I’d be back to miscellaneous notes on folders, receipts and other things I could grab while parked on the side of the road talking to a client.

JotNot Scanner Pro is an outstanding tool because it utilizes the iPhone’s camera to take pictures of all of your notes, post-its and paperwork and then sends them to an online note management service like Evernote or Dropbox. I managed to clear a year’s worth of post-its from my work desk by using this app with Evernote. Best part? Evernote can translate all of your hand written notes into written words on your computer making it easy to search for a particular note’s details using its text search feature.

Put Things Off iPhone App
Put Things Off iPhone App

3. Put Things Off ($1.99*; iTunes Store) For the procrastinator and plain busy in all of us, Put Things Off is a different sort of to-do list manager. You can create your to-dos each day and if you find yourself unable to complete, just put them off to the next day (or 3 days from now.) The app creator calls it a “laid-back to do list” which sums it up nicely.

Autostitch iPhone App Example
Autostitch Photo Created With iPhone 3GS Photos

4. Autostitch ($1.99*; iTunes Store) – If you love using your iPhone camera, you’ll love this app. Start by taking multiple photos of a room (say 6-11 images which, when combined, will make a panoramic image of the room) and import the photos into Autostitch. Autostitch will then tie your pictures together and give you a beautifully shot panoramic image of a room or view.

These apps will help you stay accountable to yourself when working your way towards your 2011 goals, keep your notes organized no matter where you write them, better manage your day-to-day tasks and create stunning listing photos on the fly. When combined, they can help make 2011 one of your best years ever.

Do you have any smartphone apps that you love to use in your business? Share your favorites with us in the comments below!

* Prices listed are accurate as of this writing but are subject to change without notice

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