Pennsylvania Magic

Every once in a while, a situation presents itself that gives people the opportunity to do something they might have previously considered impossible.  Like many a great discovery, this often happens when something else is being sought.  These circumstances are rare and may initially be created by providence, but they still require courage, innovation, and plenty of old-fashioned hard work for magic to happen.

This week, perhaps a little magic happened in the Sylvan mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Two companies that had spent a lot of time, energy, and money competing against each other recognized the circumstances had changed and knew there had to be a better way.  The opportunity was created by market forces neither company had ever imagined or wished for. It may not have been the dream scenario some people envision these things happening in. That’s not how it ever happens in real life.

Rather than complain about an imperfect situation and wait for a dream scenario to drop into their laps, the owners of the two companies proactively sought each other out to resolve their mutual challenges. After many long days and nights, they decided that the innovative solution was to merge their two companies as one and spend their energy collaborating on better tools, better training, and better services.

We welcome with open arms Heather D’Adamo and her team at Coldwell Banker Phyllis Rubin Real Estate, who are joining forces as one with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates.  Along with Tom Wilkins and his team, we look forward to what can be shared and learned from this experience.  We’re thankful that those involved gave magic a chance by providing plenty of courage, innovation, and hard work.

Perhaps somewhere near you something similar could be happening.  Maybe too many of us are looking at this market the wrong way.  There is no doubt that it’s a storm out there but instead of cursing the waves, perhaps you can seize the opportunity to create magic instead.  Even if you’re not a brokerage owner, I encourage you to reach out to Heather and Tom directly to ask how they did it – what obstacles did they face, what were their fears, how did they eventually come to the conclusion they did?

This is a good story and it’s one we’d like to see repeated again.

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