Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers: A Winning Culture

This week, during the launch of the newest Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate franchise, I was struck by the presence of something unique and identifiably “Metro” that is, it’s culture.  At the launch it was very clear that Kevin Levent is undeniably a great leader and a person who has won the support and admiration of his people; but I found myself asking a key question…what are the causes behind the effect? What are those definable ingredients that help to build a strong and constructive culture? My observations include four key points:

1. Put agents needs first

In the presentations that were made during the launch, several key speakers mentioned Kevin’s overriding concern for his agents. During contract talks and negotiations, Kevin Levent continually asked the question…”fine, but how will this help my agents be more successful?” It was only when his questions were answered in a satisfactory fashion that Kevin decided to go forward. In a nutshell, Kevin Levent shows a clear and personal interest in the success of each and every one of his agents. If you were one of the agents at Metro Brokers, how would knowing this make you feel?

2. Have a positive attitude toward the real estate business and people

When was the last time that you saw a company owner dance on stage at a major company meeting? Kevin did! What a demonstration of spirit and enthusiasm, as well as a willingness to “go the distance” for the common good. When leaders demonstrate enthusiasm coupled with a good sense of humor, it creates a strong and formidable magnet that draws the real estate professional.

3. Project high standards

Toward the end of the launch event, Kevin stopped and said to his agents…”you still have 2 hours and 30 minutes of daylight to go out and sell something.” Everyone laughed, but the message was crystal clear. Strong leaders maintain a posture of motivating and directing their people toward performing critical, productive activities. They know that keeping sales professionals “on track” with productive activities will result in increased success, financial rewards and ultimately, improved agent retention.

4. Brand the image

Monday’s event ended with the entrance of Metro Mike, the branded Metro company mascot. As Metro Mike came up the aisle, the audience cheered, making it clear that this oversized-branded mascot meant a great deal to all of them. I don’t claim to have one specific formula for establishing brand image, because there are as many ways as there are companies. If you want to hear about one very clear success story,though,  ask Kevin Levent.

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