A Colorful Partnership

Teaming up with Pantone to deliver color techniques and stunning home staging

Did you know color theory is a true science? I’ve certainly learned a lot about it over the past months working with Pantone (www.pantone.com,) and the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman. There are reasons why certain color combinations evoke moods and feelings in people.  As real estate professionals, it is important that we create a mood at an open house.  We’re given one opportunity to make a first impression, to stand out from the crowd and etch a property into the subconscious of prospective buyers.  We know our clients rarely have large scale staging budgets – especially in this market.  But, with the right knowledge, and some foolproof techniques, color and specific application of color combinations can be one of the most cost effective, powerful and simple ways to take a home from bland to beautiful.

Now, I’m not suggesting running wild with hot pink in the kitchen (although I do love hot-pink, and once painted my kitchen that color,) but strategically and thoughtfully utilizing the knowledge of a color expert, to add just enough, will enhance a home and make it more  appealing to a potential buyer’s imagination.

Not a color expert I hear you say? Sure your clients don’t know terracotta from taupe? Not to worry. We’ve taken the key elements of color theory, and created a series of consumer friendly, TV production quality videos that will drive an ongoing campaign between BHGRE and Pantone to bring the power of color into the hands of our real estate network.

So take some time and watch the 5-minute Color Master Class with Leatrice Eiseman, or watch how the theory is applied in our room makeovers.

Managing a lifestyle real-estate brand certainly keeps us looking ahead for the best ways to bring our passion for the home and to approach the business of real estate like a next generation brokerage.

Happy coloring!

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