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So you’re already using social media to communicate with potential home buyers and sellers. Now what? LinkedIn now provides a new feature which allows people to receive updates and information from companies, including job placements and recruiting information. This is an easy and unique tool to show potential future employees that you practice what you preach on social media throughout your organization. What a great first impression!  Another unique way to use existing technology… Geo-tagging items such as e-mails or business meeting notes is a clever way to remind users about events or conversations, according to Mashable.

As many of you know it is important to distinguish between your personal and company Twitter accounts. For those of you with company accounts, here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to effectively align your tweets with what your followers (i.e. consumers) are expecting.

In other news, if you feel like everything is centered on your community these days, you’re not alone. In addition to some recent localized advertising and marketing offerings, which we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, a new partnership between CNN and, an aggregator of local blogs, is providing hyper-local news and weather information on the media giant’s website. We should expect to see other partnerships arise with in the near future. Just think of what a service like this could do to your own website or blog!

Looking for a way to keep folks engaged? Encourage the adoption of iPhones. Although the percentage of users may be small as compared to smart phones in general, iPhone users tend to be much more engaged on mobile platforms, including news outlets. What a great way to ensure your agents are “in the know.”

Speaking of engagement, a reporter from AdWeek recently noticed a sharp decrease in the use of taglines from major brands, which he thinks is a disgrace to the industry because consumers become less engaged in brands. We agree it’s important to define a brand with specific words and communicate these with your consumers, whether that means a tagline or not. You should think about what those words are for your brand and how consumers can know what you stand for.

We have talked a lot about greening the home over the past weeks, but what about greening the things you already have in your home by creatively recycling them? Mashable offers eight ways to repurpose technologies. My personal favorite: turning an old computer into an aquarium. These tips could also work in the office!

Lastly, for all of those who doubted the success of the iPad, Apple this week announced it has sold 1 million devices so far. Not bad for just a month on the market!

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