Week in Review: What We Liked From the Week That Was

Happy royal wedding day! Did you watch this morning? Check out the newlywed’s new living accommodations. Not too shabby quarters to start out in!

From regal accommodations to more modest abodes…. In a way to put low-income people in affordable homes, Dan Phillips builds $10,000 homes from recycled bricks, drywall, tiles and other materials thrown out from other builders. (Sometimes he gets these materials from landfills or the side of the road). Even though it is not a castle, I am sure these families feel like royals when they have their own homes. Great story!

For all of the home owners finding it difficult to sell their homes, well, they are not alone. The government, it turns out, is having difficulty selling off some its own buildings.

Another fatality of the housing crisis—perhaps one many of us would rather not think about—is the bail bond.  As more homeowners’ mortgages become underwater, the loans can no longer be used as collateral to pay a bail. Interesting ripple effect…

With multigenerational housing becoming more popular in the current housing market – especially within the immigrant population– builders are creating developments to fit the growing niche. Among other things, the homes include first-floor bedrooms for elderly occupants and easy-to-share bathrooms.  The trend is likely to continue to grow as moving in with the kids becomes more prevalent among boomers.

Could you live in a 78 square foot apartment? Well someone in NYC is!

I have discussed the tiny housing movement sweeping the nation, but an apartment in New York City may take the cake. At 78-square feet, the resident did a lot to make it livable and stylish!

For trendy and design-conscious parents, decorating a tot’s room just got a lot more chic.  If you want to have the coolest room in town, say hello to more “sophisticated” pictures.

Extreme neighborhood makeover! Check out 10 cities that have transformed themselves, as compiled by SwitchYard Media. From losing an old identity to losing population, CNNMoney looks at eight towns that despite having experienced a drop in residents, are still great places to raise a family.


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