Week in Review: What We Liked From the Week That Was

Advertising firm Adzookie put an offer on the table this week: Turn your house into a billboard and have your monthly mortgage paid.  A few short hours after the offer was made public, the firm had over 1,000 applicants, meaning people are either desperate to make their mortgage, or indifferent about the outward appearance of their homes.  Would you paint an ad over the entire façade of your home to save money?

Many people find solace in a town filled with history with charming houses originally built in centuries past with characteristics only years of habitation can create.  First-time homebuyers looking for this feel should check out a list of the 24 best old-house neighborhoods. From Silver City, N.M. to Eckington, Washington, D.C. to Nashville, Tenn., these neighborhoods offer the perfect combination of space, price and charm.

You may not believe this, but one area of real estate is thriving with sales up 1000 percent!  One catch: Expect to go at least 35 feet underground. After the recent earthquake in Japan and unrest in the Middle East– not to mention the Mayan predictions of a global meltdown in 2012 – the makers of luxury underground bunkers and bomb shelters are having difficulty keeping up with demand. Would you consider moving your family underground to stay sheltered from an apocalyptic event?

April is Earth Month!

It’s all about yellow these days.  The color is popping up in rooms across the country, with designers claiming it the “new red.”  If you listen to the experts, the color should be used as an accent, rather than the main event, reports The Wall Street Journal. Despite whatever color is “in” at the moment, the best thing to consider when repainting a room is the mood you want to convey, and choose a color based on that.

Finally, April is Earth Month!  I likely speak for most of us when I say there are always more eco-friendly habits we could adopt. Above being more stringent with recycling and riding your bike instead of driving, consider switching to eco-friendly lighting and air-drying your dishes this month (and permanently!).


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