Week in Review: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

“There’s a UFO over New York and I ain’t too surprised,” wrote John Lennon who would have turned 70 this week.  Perhaps the shiny objects over Manhattan on Wednesday were a belated birthday tribute.

If you “imagine” someday living on an island, you may want to consider your mainland options one more time.  Kiplinger’s reports the prices of remote private islands in exotic locales have remained steady.  Perhaps it is better to just vacation on an island.  Conde Nast just voted Maui the best in the world.

This week, as expected, the foreclosure fiasco overshadowed any other real estate news. As more information is revealed, I have a feeling we will hear more statistics like this: over the past year, foreclosure was sought on average for 7.6 homes every minute of every day. It is still unclear how long this mess will take to clean up, but to give you an idea, J.P. Morgan has vouched to go loan by loan, file by file, customer by customer to see if any mistakes have been made. Although they plan to “move briskly,” how brisk can that really be?

The White House was lit pink on Thursday for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, according to deputy White Pink House press secretary Bill Burton.  The move “spotlights” the more than 207,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer in women that will be diagnosed this year.  In what ways do you adorn your home to celebrate or acknowledge important life events?

Do you have a billion dollars to spare? If so, you might be able to buy yourself a home like Mukesh Ambani’s in India.  The 27 story skyscraper has three helicopter pads, a theater that seats 50, a ballroom, a health club and a dance studio.  Hey Mukesh, consider me when it is time to sell.  I will only take one percent commission. Unfortunately for us, not all billionaires buy.

And finally, bravo to Fox News Channel for pre-empting programming of its highly successful O’Reilly Factor and covering the rescue of last few trapped Chilean miners, live.  It was truly an historic and happy moment that deserved to be seen as it happened.

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