Vendor Review: Cogent Step Recruiting

Part of my job includes evaluating and searching for new tools, services, ideas and partners for the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate network. I am contacted by or make contact with about 10 vendors each week. I’ll admit this can be exhausting, but also very interesting.

Recently, I was contacted by Todd Shyiak who told me he had launched a new business and wanted to share the details with me. He pushed all my hot buttons when he told me his service would help brokers attract experienced agents and had a very measureable success rate and return on investment (two things that are usually missing from vendor pitches). With that, we set up a call to discuss.

Here’s Todd’s description of his service:

Cogent Step Recruiting brings Strategic RPO to the real estate industry. This professional, outsourced approach provides dedicated recruiting professionals to Brokers; applying proven process driven recruiting strategies with the experience, resources and expertise to meet a Broker’s recruiting demands today and long term.”

RPO stands for recruiting process outsourcing. Corporations all over the world use this as a common practice to source talent. Hire a third party, share with them your vision of your desired talent and send them to work to find potential candidates for your review.

More and more demands are being put on the local office manager to be the recruiter, trainer, coach, mentor, cheerleader, book keeper, etc. etc. etc. Being a jack of all trades usually means you get to be the master of none. One of the key areas that suffer is attracting talent, particularly experienced agents. Managers report they have the best intentions, but run out of time each day.

This is where Cogent Step Recruiting comes in. For a very reasonable fee they take over your entire strategy for you. And their compensation is directly tied to how many agents you hire.

It’s worth taking a look at.

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