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In today’s episode of the Be Better Podcast, Donald is joined again by the owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® Blu Realty, John Darden. In this episode, the pair dive deeper into practical ways to integrate a successful mindset into your daily life for long-term growth.

Picture two agents: 

  • Imagine two realtors: Greg the Gleeful Agent and Mandy the Mad Agent:
  • Greg faced challenging life situations that were out of his control. However, Greg remained uplifting because of the positive habits and routines he made in his life, and he took steps to become better.
  • Mandy didn’t face hardship. However, she struggled to save money, invest, or build solid relationships. She lived in chaos and in a constant state of reaction because of her lack of proper habits.
  • Both agents sold real estate and did well from a volume standpoint. However, Mandy’s poor habits resulted in her needing extra resources and time to accomplish the same output, whereas Greg positioned himself for success. 

Two immediate routines to structure your life:

  • Create a powerful and positive morning routine. Whether you’re a morning or night person, how you start your day dictates how productive you’ll be the rest of the day.
  • The Empty Cup Syndrome – Most people try to pour into the world from an empty cup of their own life. That issue stems from waking up in reaction mode.
  • Just as important is a solid night routine. Once you’ve poured from your cup throughout the day, you need to refill it by reflecting on the day and getting ready to sleep.

The final takeaway from this two-part series? When you create habits that set you up for success, the world full of opportunity is suddenly at your fingertips. Don’t take life for what it is; shape it into what you want.

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