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Sales isn’t just a career; it’s an everyday occurrence for everyone. We sell ideas, thoughts, and actions to our family, friends, and coworkers as a part of everyday life, so sales is an essential skill we all need to develop. In today’s episode of the Be Better Podcast, Kim interviews our co-host (and professional seller) Donald Kelly to learn how to be a better seller in everyday life.

Sales means many things to many people.

  • Donald considers sales to be helping someone make a decision and persuading them into acting in their own best interests.
  • A great sales professional comes down to helping the person convince themselves.
  • Even if you don’t work in sales, you sell time off requests, promotions and pay increases, and team projects and collaborations.

You can sell to anyone:

  • While you want to adjust the nuances of communication toward each individual, there are standard practices that apply to anyone.
  • First, build rapport. While it doesn’t mean you should learn all about the other person, it means fostering mutual respect with one another.
  • Nobody likes being sold to, so minimize that feeling and maximize the emotional relationship.
  • Focus on the pain or challenge at hand. There’s a reason a prospect is talking to you – determine and help solve whatever challenge they face.

Asking the right questions:

  • The best sellers talk less; in fact, sellers should only talk about 30% of the time. 
  • Consider asking five ‘whys’ during your conversation with the buyer; this will help narrow the scope of the discussion to your core problem.
  • Asking questions is the key to determining the root of a client’s problems, which is how the seller can best help the buyer. 
  • Risk comes in the form of rejection. Therefore, sellers should identify potential objections and neutralize them before they become issues. 

Donald’s final selling takeaway? Don’t give up. Sales is challenging, and you’ll face many rejections. But the best sellers maintain communication and continually provide resources until they become a win.

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