Traditional Real Estate Marketing Techniques Attract Senior Buyers


Don’t overlook two generations with plenty of purchasing power – Baby Boomers and The Silent Generation. Some of these seniors might not be online or know how to use a computer. But many of these vibrant older adults are actively buying property for retirement or investment purposes. Discover some traditionall real estate marketing techniques that attract senior buyers.

Define Seniors Buyers and What They Want

Baby boomers were born between the years of 1946 and 1964, and the Silent Generation was born between 1925 and 1945. While we generally refer to them as senior buyers, they are not all created equal. Many of these seasoned adults are looking for retirement properties. Others are purchasing homes for less fortunate family members. And some are investors looking to build a fortune to fund their retirement dreams or leave a legacy for future generations. Research the seniors buying homes in your region, including demographics and median home prices. Use marketing methods to reach your target market firsthand. Real estate agents want to connect with the buyer, not an employee or caregiver who may not convey the message.

Take the Time for Snail Mail Campaigns

Many seniors are straightforward and less l focused on instant gratification than later generations. Many of these older Americans weigh decisions for a long time and carefully gather information to substantiate their choices. When marketing to seniors, take time to answer all their questions and gain their trust. Sending brochures and literature via snail mail is an excellent way to do this. Use large, legible print and colorful images. Avoid using trendy jargon and abbreviations. Dare to define the unknown in simple language seniors understand clearly. And remember to use snail mail throughout your interactions with senior clients. Send a postcard to remind them of an upcoming meeting, event, or interesting property for sale. Handwritten thank-you cards are the ultimate way to show appreciation to a senior client.

Pick Up the Phone

Some savvy seniors know how to use email and send tech messages. And if they want to communicate this way, they will let you know. Picking up the phone is a timeless way to connect with older clients.  Allow a block of time for a phone call with a senior client, so you never sound rushed or distracted.

Use Video Marketing

One of the most compelling ways to sell real estate is to use visual marketing strategies. A video captures each room and aspect of the property in detail. And seniors might prefer to view videos of available properties before scheduling an appointment to view them. While seniors have time, some may have less energy and mobility. Videos help them select viable properties that are worth the effort to see them in-person.

Go Where the Seniors Go

Retirees are often looking for ways to meet new people. Make personal connections by going where the seniors go. Host lectures at senior community centers. Use a compelling four-letter word in your marketing efforts – FREE. Offer a free lunch or seminar for seniors. Remember many seniors are active and fun-loving. Consider having a luncheon at a local golf course or schedule a picnic at a new senior community. Many seniors prefer to take the bus instead of driving. Invest in a bus shelter or bench ad to reach this target market. Place print ads in local newspapers and magazines for seniors who prefer to get their information from publications rather than the Internet.

Remember Email and Web Marketing

While some seniors avoid online activities, others enjoy spending time on the Internet. Many older people use social media to connect with family rather than businesses. However, email and web marketing are excellent ways to communicate with senior buyers. Emails should be informative, easy to read, and provide useful information. Fortune reports personalized emails are the most compelling. Post web content that appeals to a senior audience. Update your website to include blog entries for an older target market as well as pages dedicated to retirement housing and investment buyers.

Broaden your target market to include senior buyer by using traditional real estate marketing techniques. And you might discover the younger generations respond to these timeless marketing messages, too.



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