Real Estate Promotional Ideas for Top Tier Real Estate Companies


Top tier realty companies are well-versed in traditional marketing techniques. The best real estate professionals need to implement unique strategies to continue expanding their empires. Profitable real estate companies achieve lofty goals with innovative real estate promotional ideas.


Top REALTORS® Focus on Real Estate and Outsource the Rest

As simple as it sounds, top REALTORS® focus on real estate. They look for properties to list and help buyers find homes. Many also list rentals and manage properties. And these busy real estate pros realize they need to outsource work outside their scope. Professional photographers help people visualize themselves living in the home. Hired writers craft unique descriptions showcasing the best features of a house. Marketing professionals can successfully navigate branding, SEO, social media, and more. Working with a team of pros takes real estate marketing campaigns to the next level of success.

Make the Dream of Luxury an Alluring Reality

Some successful real estate agents list and sell many houses. Other high earners recognize it takes less legwork to sell two expensive dwellings than ten moderately priced ones. But luxury buyers are purchasing more than a beautiful home. These discerning consumers are buying into an affluent lifestyle. Marketing to this target market means going beyond cleaning out the junk in the bedrooms and serving cookies at an open house. Stage the house with simple yet elegant furnishings. Have the owner incorporate smart features and luxury brands into the home to attract the right types of buyers. Host a sensational catered soiree to announce that the property is on the market. Post 3-D video tours for distant buyers and distribute glossy brochures about its amenities to local visitors. Sell the dream of luxury living and show buyers how they can make it a reality.

Quality Campaigns Over Quantity

Inundating people with cheesy ads is annoying and counterproductive. Excessive advertising has the air of a newbie trying too hard to succeed. Top tier real estate companies recognize the value of their services. And they focus on quality marketing campaigns over quantity. Instead of flyers printed in the office, have colorful brochures made by a professional printer. Post two informative blog entries each month rather than fluff articles every few days.

Become a Storyteller Instead of a Sales Pro

Avoid being a real estate agent who spews out facts and figures about the property. Instead, tell an irresistible story about each home, focusing on the experience of living there. Use facts, data, and creativity to show why a home is a fantastic place to live. Beyond stating the size of the yard, outline how the outdoor kitchen and swimming pool make it perfect for entertaining. Describe the large spa tub in the bathroom as the ideal getaway to unwind after a long day. Weave facts about the features of the home into seductive stories buyers can’t resist.

Create a Sense of Exclusivity and Urgency

Limit the showings of a home to create a sense of exclusivity. Schedule an open house and invite as many people as possible. Let everyone know the house will show during specific hours on the day of the open house. Announce that all offers are expected within a designated deadline. Potential buyers feel a sense of urgency, wondering how many competitors will bid on the house. As a result, buyers may place bids over its asking price. People want what other people covet. Adding the elements of urgency and exclusivity help REALTORS® sell homes faster and at a higher price.

Measurable Marketing Campaigns

Savvy real estate agents recognize marketing campaigns must be measurable to determine if they are productive. One example is using a unique URL for each listed property. Attach Google Analytics to the listings to keep track of the traffic, visitors, and conversion rates. Assign numbers to brochures, flyers, and email marketing messages to determine what brought potential buyers into the office. Measuring the success of marketing strategies helps real estate professionals find the best ones of their target market.

Give the Business a Recognizable Face

Branding makes companies stand out and have a unique voice. The leading real estate agencies also give their business a recognizable face. REALTORS® should market the company and its listings in-person. Interact with people face-to-face. Participate in local events and community projects. Sponsor a charity or create a scholarship for a local school. Play golf at the local course or join the yacht club. Spend happy hour at the hottest local eatery. People prefer to buy or list with someone they recognize and trust. Networking around the neighborhood helps boost a business’ reputation and increase sales.

Develop a winning combination of traditional marketing strategies and cutting-edge real estate promotional ideas. Refined and researched marketing campaigns help top-tier real estate agencies expand their breadth and explode their earning potential.


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