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The biggest advertising and social media news from the past week was perhaps Twitter’s new and long-awaited advertising platform, created in an effort to monetize the website into a more profitable business (the first generation approach is similar to Google paid searches). While Twitter made plenty of noise with its launch, LinkedIn quietly added sponsored groups to its professional networking site. I am curious to see how the addition of advertisers affects the authenticity of these sites, although Facebook, if you remember, underwent a similar transformation and the site came out fine. Speaking of, a new study found that a Facebook fan is equivalent to $3.60. I wonder how much they’ll be worth on Twitter and LinkedIn. Predictions?

According to a national study, 48 percent of Americans age 12 and older are now a member of at least one social network. Although this may not seem shocking, the percentage has doubled in the last two years, from 24 percent in 2008. If we continue at this pace, in 2012 nearly 100 percent of Americans will be on social networks. This is a number we should pay attention to!

With more young people waiting to marry and divorce rates remaining high, the single consumer is a viable and growing group. This is an important demographic for us to consider! Also an important demographic are those looking to make more sustainable home decisions, especially with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day this week. We can help by encouraging consumers to take advantage of energy efficiency tax credits, use green wall coverings or organic fabrics, and more. Have you had any green luck lately?

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