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Who wants to talk to a millionaire? If you are trying to rub elbows with this affluent group, you should use communication channels other than social media sites.  Although 70 percent of respondents with $5 million or more are on such sites (more than the general population), only 17 percent use them on a daily basis.  Probably why they don’t call it “social register media.”

A much anticipated Apple announcement came last week as Steve Jobs introduced plans for the Mac App Store, which will be like the iTunes store with paid and free apps and most popular lists.  Do you think this technology will be as successful on desktops?

Speaking of Steve Jobs.  If you are a huge fan, like I am, check out this interview with Jobs’ old boss.

Rest in peace, Walkman. The gadget that had more than 200 million people worldwide rocking out to their favorite Madonna tunes of the 80s and 90s just can’t compete with the likes of the iPod and other mp3 players.  Remember when Walkman was futuristic?

Sam Cooke’s  “A Change is Gonna Come” from 1964, although decades later, still has a message that resonates with 18-25 year olds.  According to a recent survey, 83 percent agreed with the statement: “My generation has the duty to change the world.” So much for today’s apathetic youth!

Do you Ga-Ga?  If not, you may want to check out what all the fuss is about, as her YouTube videos have hit the milestone of 1 billion total views (the first artist in history).  If I ask, will she come to the BHGRE sponsored cocktail hour at SXSW in March?

In another first, an astronaut checked in on Foursquare from the International Space Station.  I wonder what it feels like to be “mayor” of outer space?

For those of you who can’t make up their minds, there is a new chewing gum, which will make you pop with excitement.  Two London-based food architects have invented a chewing gum that changes flavor from strawberry to chocolate. Personally, things that continually reinvent themselves speak to me!

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