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With Twitter and LinkedIn making notable moves in the advertising space last week, FourSquare is trying to join in the action with the addition of “Are you the manager of this business?” – an effort targeted at increasing local advertisers. This is an important step as the social networking website continues discussions with the big hitters. Good luck! Speaking of innovative changes to create more revenue, Facebook is making some major changes to prove that it can successfully rival Google. If you are still a little confused about any of Facebook’s recent updates, this article may help you understand.

In other news, online video advertising has shown tremendous growth lately, as 94 percent of ad agencies plan to increase spending in the medium this year. This is perhaps a smart move, as another survey showed online video ads have a 65 percent general recall, as compared to 46 percent for TV ads. Considering online is often less expensive and can allow for specific audience targeting, it could be a good opportunity for some of you.

As with all things, the key to social networking is consistency. Even CEO’s will need to know how to use this growing form of communication effectively by 2025. According to Forrester Research, no excuses CEOs. For those of you who consider yourself social media savvy, how do you keep up with it?

In the past, I have talked a lot about the baby boomer and echo boomer demographics. But what about the middle boomer? The demographic, aged 52-58 years, has not yet felt “old” age set in and still has enormous spending power: one-third of the group has achieved or is on track to achieve their retirement goals and another one-third is only somewhat behind on their retirement goals, given the recession. For those of you in retirement states, what are you doing to attract and cater to this important, yet often neglected, group?

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