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As everyone anxiously anticipates Taylor Swift and Kayne West’s reunion at the MTV Music Awards next Sunday,  Apple introduced its social network: Ping, a new online site for music fans where users can look at what their friends are listening to and keep track of their favorite artists. What do you think: gold record success or a one-hit wonder?

In what some in the industry are dubbing a concession of sorts, Myspace is now allowing its members to synchronize posts with their Facebook profiles. Do you think this will give the floundering Myspace leverage with advertisers and consumers?

Text much? According to a new study, it’s not just teenagers sending text messages anymore. The percentage of U.S. adults sending and receiving text messages has grown to 72 percent, up from 65 percent last September.

Email overload… If you have a congested Gmail account, check out the new Priority Inbox for Gmail, a feature that uses keywords, the people you e-mail the most and your e-mail habits to select the most pressing e-mails in your inbox.

If you are trying to reinvigorate your brand to connect with consumers, consider your brand’s warmth, as well as perceptions of its competence. According to a new study, these factors heavily influenced both their purchase intent and loyalty. What can you do?

Looking for savings? To save a buck or two, check out the CardStar iPad app that digitally manages retailer club and membership cards as well as offers personalized, digital circular for coupons. For time savings, check out A .V. Club’s crowdsourced iPhone app that lets you know about wait times at local eateries.

Speaking of crowdsoursing, Gowalla has rolled out its Highlights feature, a web-based product that consists of place-based questions that query members about their favorite places. Now locals and tourists alike can find out where to go based on experience. To find out how your small business can best utilize Gowalla and the like, check out this article.

Are you intrigued by the mysteries of the sun? Well in 2018, we may know more about the largest star in the solar system as NASA plans to send a spacecraft into the Sun’s atmosphere. Very cool– or should I say hot!

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