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Further evidence of how we are all so tightly connected is how quickly the recall of 550 million (and counting) eggs from two Iowa processing plants has spread. Here’s hoping the eggs are located rapidly and no one else gets sick.

Locating of another sort has technology and social media enthusiasts talking about Places, Facebook’s newly launched location-based functionality.  Facebook Places allows users to check-in and share real-life locations with their friends. Taking full advantage of the forecasted popularity, Topguest already automatically tallies check-ins and applies them toward loyalty programs at partner hotels.  At the same time, Foursquare set a one day record for new users. Let the battle begin for popularity among consumers!  A major theme certain to arise on the battlefield is privacy. Stay tuned…

Speaking of Foursquare, are you the mayor of any particular location?  The New York Times dissects the human instincts that drive rivalries among strangers to hold office at various locations. Interesting stuff!  I currently count my office among several past mayoral stints.

Everything is going mobile these days, possibly even making purchases with your credit card! According to Mashable, Bank of America and Visa are testing a new program that will bring digital wallet capabilities to smartphones. Consumers will simply wave their phones by the cash register to make a purchase. Could wallets become obsolete?

Ever regret hitting “send?” If you have a Gmail account, you now have 30 seconds to retract a sent email.  A great feature for those who tend to work at the speed of light sometimes!

Love or loathe her, Lady Gaga is anything but boring, thus the reason why she is the most followed celebrity on Twitter. To reach her level, or even a small percentage of it, check out these tips, the most important being tweeting interesting things.

And what do you do as a teen pop star with 4.5 million Twitter followers to punish an allegedly unruly fan?  If you are Justin Bieber, you tweet their phone number and create a flood of tens of thousands of messages.

As for real life floods, the fourth named tropical storm of the season, Danielle, is brewing in the Atlantic.  Be sure to keep an eye on this one’s path.

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