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You have to admire Delta’s embrace of social media.  The company recently gave customers the option of buying tickets via Facebook through its new “Ticket Window.” The new function allows fliers to book any domestic flight without leaving the page. Very cool! The airline giant also monitors Twitter and responds to customer complaints (i.e. missed flights, lost luggage, etc.) immediately.

Speaking of traveling, if you are a frequent nomad, check out a new feature from TripIt, the website that organizes your trip details into one master online itinerary, that automatically imports itinerary and travel confirmation plans from a user’s Gmail or Google Apps account. I love travel made easy!

Which are Facebook’s “friendliest” countries?  According to research, the UK, Indonesia, Italy and France are at the top of the list of Facebook users behind the United States.  Perhaps this will soon lead to multilingual versions of the just-launched Facebook Live channel.

If you ever wanted to tweet more than 140 characters, you recently had a chance when a bug allowed you to surpass the character limit.  The loophole has since been closed.  Personally, I think microblogging should be just that and would have been turned off if someone sent me a 500 character “tweet.”

Ever wonder what motivates a person to follow a company or brand on Twitter?  A new survey from ExactTarget found that the foremost reason is to get updates on future products.  If you are not doing so already, stay active on your account with new listings and features of your brokerage!

Would you like a side order of social media with that lunch?  Manhattan’s 4 Food allows people to choose their meat, bun and condiments.  They name the creation and promote it via their own Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  Each time someone orders that sandwich in the restaurant, you get 25 cents off the purchase of lunch and the name rises up the leaderboard.  I think this is a great way to not only engage your customers. but build great brand awareness in the process. Genius (and delicious) in my book!

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