The Power of Vision Boards


Jennifer Adams, interior design pro and part of the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate ASK A PRO team, is a source of inspiration for all things home. The celebrity designer, entrepreneur, and two-time author’s shares her thoughts on how to achieve your personal and career goals, in her series of BHGRE Life blog pieces inspired by Jennifer’s recent book, How High Can You Soar? Continue reading to learn about vision boards and how Jennifer uses them to make dreams reality.

Vision boards play a huge part in my life. I use them to design new products for my home textiles and décor company, as well as in my personal life. I even created a vision board for each of my books, “Love Coming Home” and “How High Can You Soar.” For me, a vision board is the magical ingredient to make any big dream come true. Simply defined, a vision board is a place for gathering images and phrases to express the intentions, emotions, experiences, accomplishments, and possessions you want. It’s an effective visualization tool to see your dreams in front of you, motivating you to take the actions needed to transform any vision into reality.

To begin creating your vision board, first decide what your vision is. Is it a dream home or a career? Is it finding meaningful relationships? Once you know what it is you want to envision, decide the format of the board — corkboard, binder or phone app are a few ideas. Next, collect images and phrases to evoke feelings and experiences you want to have. Finally, place your board where you can see it multiple times a day, privately or publicly. As you spend time looking at your board, feel free to change the images until it truly embodies your dream. In time, you will begin to experience the magic of your vision board unfolding in your life.

You can learn more about the power of intentions and stepping stones from my book, “How High Can You Soar.” Available now, click here to order your copy today.

By Jennifer Adams

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