Seven Spring Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Sell More Homes

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As tax return checks flood in and the end of the school draws near, spring is considered the best time for selling houses. With plenty of competition, agents, need to be well-prepared to maximize listings and showings. Take advantage of the longer and warmer days as spring melts into summer, Harness the power of these seven spring real estate marketing ideas to sell more homes during the hottest time of the year.

Get Out and Start Networking

Spring is time to escape the hibernation of office work and get out into the field. Talk to people in the community and mingle at upcoming events. The season brings parades, outdoor concerts, craft sales, and other activities. Attend as many as possible, and sponsor a booth or local sports team. Organize a community clean-up and make the office the place to get gloves and bags. Connect with people, share business cards, and be ready for real estate questions. Encourage people to visit the office to get answers to their questions and build a professional relationship to generate more leads.

Get Spring Cleaning in Full Swing

Spring clean all listings and databases. Search for listings with snowy images or wintry scenes that show the age of the listing. Take updated photos of the property, with spring imagery for a fresh look to attract new buyers. Then comb through lead lists for direct mail, text, and email marketing campaigns to get rid of unresponsive leads or funnel them to a different marketing message to try to improve conversion rates. Review new contacts and ensure they are on all applicable lead list. Refresh listings, blogs, and social media posts with updated SEO research, images, and descriptions.

Research Comparable Sales and Market Trends

Real agent agents with local knowledge are an advantage to buyers, sellers, and investors. Gain trust by researching comparable sales in the area. Know what properties in the neighborhood are worth to provide the best recommendations to clients. Remain on top of regional and national market trends. An agent’s marketing approach differs based on the current financial climate. Considerations include whether it is a buyers or sellers market and local economic currents. For example, a community building an industrial park is likely to get more corporate buyers. A well-prepared agent can take advantage of this growing market.

Link With Your Leads

Just as there are unresponsive leads, experienced agents have leads that did not realize their real estate goals over the last few months. Reach out to past contacts who might be in the market to list a property or buy one. Share updated blog entries and email messages about the latest market trends and why spring is a great time for selling houses and buying them. Make phone calls to discuss real estate opportunities that could help these leads reach their goals. Prepare a brief comparative analysis of the market based on your most recent interactions and the current season to show potential opportunities.

Focus on Captivating Curb Appeal

Spring is the ideal time to revamp the curb appeal of any available listings. Some of them might have been listed during the chilliest months of the year when it is challenging to appreciate certain outdoor features. Encourage sellers to maintain the lawn, display seasonal flowers, and clean all exterior surfaces such as driveways, gutters, roofs, decks, porches, and walkways. Take an innovative approach by offering curb appeal tips to new homeowners. Hold a workshop to help people maximize the look of their new homes and invite everyone in the community. Word-of-mouth as a valued local resource is an excellent way to generate referrals.

Revamp Content Marketing Efforts

As people wipe off the dust and snow from the fall and winter, they ‘re eager to refresh their surroundings for the spring and summer. Agents should revamp their content marketing efforts to focus on seasonal questions and concerns. Use blogs, social media accounts, and text and email messages to share seasonal advice, such as renovation and decorating tips. Take advantage of the excitement in the air to offer information about community events. Perform keyword research focused on local, seasonal searches. Naturally incorporate these terms into all the content, using hashtags to gain attention on social media. Affiliated Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate agents have access to a vast range of digital marketing resources for optimum results.

Enjoy the Season and Socialize

The most successful real estate agents know how to connect with people. As agents build more relationships, their referrals will increase. And all work and no play makes an agent tired and dull. Stay on top of what’s happening in the areas by socializing with the locals. Make time for favorite hobbies and join organizations dedicated to them. From yacht clubs for boaters to sewing clubs for crafty people, there is something for everyone. Socializing creates opportunities to meet potential clients, and build a reputation as a community-minded real estate agent who knows what’s happening around town.

These seven spring real estate marketing ideas help agents list and sell more homes. Spring is an excellent time for selling houses. There are more extended hours to show houses, and families may be considering a move within a specific public school district. Use these ideas to connect with clients, and establish a reputation as a knowledgeable with a finger on the pulse of the local market.


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