Are You Deterred or Determined?

Not much surprises me. I’m a Jersey girl, born and bred. No one has to convince me the Paterson Waterfalls should be a National Landmark and “How you doin?” rolls off my tongue naturally. I did witness something recently though that literally stopped me in my tracks.

My normal driving route to the gym takes me along a strip of the Passaic River in the pre-dawn hours. The mist was heavy over the murky waters this chilly morning and I noticed movement through the fog. I slowed my car and watched a figure take shape. First, the reflective vest outlined a silhouette, then a vessel came into view. A lone canoeist gliding across the water in the pre-dawn hours is not commonplace by any stretch of the imagination. I pulled to the side of the road and watched.

I wondered what motivated this person as he (or she) paddled upstream undaunted by obstacles, navigating some with caution and forging straight through others. He was not at all deterred by the fog or the darkness. He was determined. He stayed focused and pressed on, aware the fog would lift, the sun would rise and confident he would eventually reach his destination.

As the tough economy looms over our industry like a heavy fog creating obstacles for real estate professionals, I drew strength from this canoeist. We are not that different. Many within the real estate river are navigating in unchartered waters. This is our time to be determined, stay focused and press on. With confidence that better days are ahead.

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