Organizing Thoughts and Ideas

Each day I’m bombarded with ideas, thoughts and perspectives. So many that I realized if I didn’t find a way to organize them, I’d forget them. By the time I scan the latest blogs and e-newsletters, talk with people, watch some TV, get through a chapter of the latest book on my list, skim Twitter/Facebook, and read a magazine I’ve gotten at least one or two thoughts or ideas worth remembering from the day.

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Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Marketing used to be simple. A flyer. A postcard distributed to your farm. A newspaper ad in what once was a robust real estate section filled with listings. Today, simplicity has not be replaced, just relocated to the Internet where social networking websites are providing small business great new opportunities to market their services and wares. Rhonda Abrams digs into the top 5 and how small business can make best use them in her post titled Strategies: Which social networking site is best for your small business?

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Top 5 Pet Peeves on MLS Listing Alert Emails

I bought a home back on December 10th of 2008. That is almost exactly 5 months to the day and I am still receiving those automated MLS listing alerts from the first agent I ever spoke to about buying a new home. Being in real estate now for almost a year I find them sort of fascinating because I am curious if I actually bought at the bottom of the market in my town. Turns out I didn’t, but that isn’t the point. The information (listings) contained in these emails can be very powerful motivators to get an active buyer or someone on the fence to engage an agent. The most important reason is that the information contained within is the most accurate and trusted source for new listings and listing status changes (price drops and under contract). With such a powerful vehicle for information, I wonder why it misses the mark on so many levels for the average home buyer.

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Friday Blog Scan: Things we liked from the week that was

RIS Media cracked the week open with a post that takes a positively hopeful, yet pragmatic view of our economic status and how certain indicators suggest the worst may be behind us. But is it really? As this article suggests, it may still be too early to tell.

Inman also offered a sign of increased market activity. It published a reader survey that found most readers have seen signs of improvement in the past 60 days. We’ll see.

Michael Wurzer, prolific blogger and CEO of FBS Data Systems, a MLS software provider in Fargo, North Dakota, reports on the flooding in the area last week in his entry titled Still Fighting. Our prayers, well wishes and thoughts go out to everyone affected.

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