Stay in Touch: A Step-by-Step 14 Point Plan

Stay in Touch A Step-by-Step 14 Point Plan

Anyone who has ever tried to attract an experienced agent to their company knows that it can take time, sometimes a lot of time. Staying in touch regularly and continuing to build value and trust can be tough which is often where many fail.

With the spring market raging in many areas across the country, busy agents may not be looking to make a move to a new company right this moment.  They they will eventually, however,  and this means you need to prepare.

The final quarter of the year has traditionally been a time that sees many licensed agents making career choices and changing companies as they get ready for the next year. There is a lot of work to be done between now and then if you want to capitalize on this movement and add some producing agents to your company.

Step 1:

Be sure you know your value proposition and have a way to present and talk about it. What are your unique differentiators? Why should an agent join your company?

Step 2:

Develop your prospect list, who are the licensed agents in your market you want to get to know? How will you grow this list over time? Remember the old adage:  you need 100 contacts for every hire you want to make.

Step 3:

Develop a stay-in-touch plan and a marketing campaign to help your company stay top of mind with the agents you are looking to attract and to help build value in the relationship you are cultivating.

Sometimes it can take up to 14 valuable contacts with a potential prospect before they are ready to make a move. Here is a sample stay in touch step-by-step 14-point plan to try!

Touch 1

Make a phone call, introduce yourself, and ask if now is a good time to meet to discuss how your company can help them grow their business. If yes, book a meeting immediately. If no, ask if they are ok hearing from you every now and then and let them know that you are there to support them in their careers when the time is right for them.

Touch 2

Mail them a package of printed materials –just a few things to peak their curiosity.

Touch 3

Send an email with information about your company and services; highlight one of your compelling reasons.

Touch 4

Send an email with a success story or news from your company, bring it back to one of your compelling reasons.

Touch 5

Send a handwritten note just to say hello and keep in touch.

Touch 6

Send an email with an article on a relevant real estate story, one on goal setting or marketing tips for example. Highlight how your company can help them set goals.

Touch 7

Go visit their Open Houses, follow-up with a phone call the next day.

Touch 8

Send an email with a link to a helpful video or create your own using a tool such as Animoto.

Touch 9

Make a phone call, invite them to a training or agent appreciation event – send a follow-up email talking about training as one of your 12 compelling reasons.

Touch 10

Offer to work with them on their business plan. Book a meeting to develop their plan and uncover how you can help.

Touch 11

Send a printed postcard including details about the market, a home in their area that’s recently sold or one that is simply designed to stay-in-touch.

Touch 12

Send an email with company news and highlight a compelling reason why they would want to join your company.

Touch 13

Invite them to connect on LinkedIn and begin to engage and interact on this professional social site.

Touch 14

Make a phone call and invite the agent for coffee to talk about joining your company.

Alongside this plan, always connecting and engaging on social media should be ongoing. I would love to hear how you are staying in touch and top-of-mind with potential recruits!

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