Social Media Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon: Make sure you’re on your game by creating a social strategy


Social media is a  powerful marketing medium. With 30% of time spent online focusing on social media, it’s imperative to incorporate strong social media strategies within your marketing plan. However, social media has some secrets. If not done correctly, it can soak up productivity and be more of a distraction than a prospecting tactic. Use these three tips to become a master at social media marketing.

Discover High Potential with Analytics

To capitalize on social media marketing, you need to know what works. The analytics section available on most popular platforms provides valuable about your audience. Reviewing analytics allows you detect the best times to share content for each target audience, along with the type of content they like best.

However, it’s crucial to review the analytics on each platform used, as your audience may be using various platforms during different times of the day. Traffic may peak on Facebook in the morning, but Instagram may take over the afternoon. Schedule an hour each week to go over the analytics provided, as they are key to your social media success. This allows you to spot any new trends or statistics to revise your strategy moving forward.  

Create a social media editorial calendar

Every post needs to be strategic.  From the different times to post to the varying types of content to share, have a plan. Staying updated can be a time-consuming marketing tactic if you don’t have an editorial calendar. Plan your social media activity a week in advance. Gather all the content, links, photos, videos, and text you want to share to put into an editorial calendar.

With an editorial calendar, you can ensure each post relates with the prior. Frequency and consistency are also key to success on social media. An editorial calendar keeps you organized and on top of your activity, so you never go a day without a post

Use a social media scheduler to increase productivity

The only way to spend your time wisely on social media is to use a scheduler. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be accessing your accounts, liking photos, and sharing content when it isn’t ideal to do so, such as low traffic periods. There are various social media schedulers available, with many being right on the platform itself. Otherwise, Hootsuite, Social Sprout, and Lumentus Social are popularly efficient options.

With these scheduling tools, you can execute multiple weeks’ worth of social media content from your editorial calendar in as little as a couple of minutes.  These insights allow you to capitalize on the power of social media marketing without wasting time on it. Social media success starts with a strategy. With these three online marketing secrets, you can reap the benefits of social media without having to spend an ample amount of time on it.

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