Managing Your Personal Brand Within Your Business Brand

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Becoming a successful real estate agent without having the leverage of a major brand can be extremely difficult. With the rise of technology and available real estate courses online, anyone can claim to be a successful real estate agent, which is exactly why you need to be associated with a reputable and experienced real estate brand in order to succeed. Although it may be enticing to want to start your own real estate business without an association to any others, having a major brand behind you is worth it. Having that leverage will instantly set you apart from the other available real estate agents who are trying to do it on their own. As such, many additional benefits will follow.

Maintain Consistent Brand Perception

Brand leveraging has the power to communicate valuable information to your clients within seconds. As you align your real estate agent expertise with a successful real estate brand, you instantly receive the benefits of the positive perception the general public already has. Although consumers don’t know you or your skills, experience, or knowledge, they will automatically associate the brand’s level of quality and expertise with your real estate services. It’s similar to being “guilty by association,” only for all the right reasons. It’s “honor by association.”

  • Manage your personal brand within your company’s brand by marketing and/or providing a product that shows your affiliation.
    • For example: The second-most popular book ever sold is the Better Homes and Garden recipe book (the Bible being #1).
    • Take advantage of consistent brand perception by placing the recipe book in the kitchens of homes for sale.

Gain Automatic Trust from Consumers

With an established real estate brand behind you, you receive automatic trust from consumers. If you were to put two real estate agents side by side, both offering the exact same services, but with only one of them holding a reputable brand’s sign, the majority of consumers would flock to the one with the brand. The reason for that is simply because of trust. A renowned real estate company has already made a positive and successful name for itself within the industry. Being aligned with such a company informs customers that you are just as reputable, and a successful real estate agent they can trust. In the eyes of consumers, if the brand will put their reputation on the line to establish itself with you, then your services must be exceptional.

  • Establish brand trust by displaying reputable content and resources for clients to reference.
    • For example: Display Better Homes and Gardens magazine in your office for clients to peruse, and instantly create that association with a very reputable brand.
    • Consumers will associate the material you provide them with the quality of services you provide.

Build Brand Awareness with Familiarity

Since consumers maintain a generalized perception of a brand and the real estate agents operating under it, you can use this to benefit your brand. Consumers who already like the brand you’re managing are likely to try your services instead of someone else’s. They feel like they know the brand, quality, products and services, and will likely feel the same about your real estate agent capabilities.

  • Create a sense of familiarity to build brand awareness.
    • For example: Be consistent with similar qualities, goals and products of the brand you’re leveraging.
    • Trying to leverage to many different companies/products will dilute your brand altogether.

A brand leveraging strategy has the ability to bring many benefits to you as a real estate agent. However, it’s highly important to execute your brand leveraging strategy appropriately to ensure you don’t dilute and counteract all the benefits that can come from it.

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