Want to Bring in More Leads Without Knocking on Doors? Try One of These Great Lead-Generating Techniques


Lead-generation is often a daunting task. It can be time-consuming with little reward if not done properly. In order to capitalize on your lead-generation efforts, you need to combine traditional and modern strategies, along with inbound and outbound tactics. Explore some of today’s strongest lead-generation methods to spike an interest in your industry and real estate services.


Podcasts certainly aren’t new. These digital audio files have been available on the internet for the past century. However, rarely do businesses take advantage of the marketing potential this format offers.  

A study conducted by Edison Research showed 21{0a8e414e4f0423ce9f97e7209435b0fa449e6cffaf599cce0c556757c159a30c} of Americans listened to a podcast in the past month. While the percentage may appear small, this equates to an estimated 150 million people.

Producing weekly podcasts as a real estate agent allows you to brand yourself as the expert within the industry while providing quality facts to generate real leads. Podcasts also improve your real estate website SEO, and online presence, two large factors in the overall success of your online marketing.  


Webinars are similar to podcasts, only in video form with the same benefits. You can connect with prospective clients more effectively through visuals.

There are various ways you can incorporate webinars into your lead-generation strategy. You can host live webinars, informative slideshows, pre-recorded videos, and on-demand webinars. The secret is to garner a high amount of interest and provide information that is of value to the prospect. Offer a webinar about staging a home on a budget, how to estimate the true value of a home, or how to sell a home for the highest ROI. Topics such as these will intrigue potential clients and inform them of quality information all the while branding yourself as the expert they need.


Real estate website content is inarguably a key factor in online marketing. Without it, your website will be lost among the search engines. Search Engine Watch reported that 33{0a8e414e4f0423ce9f97e7209435b0fa449e6cffaf599cce0c556757c159a30c} of all search traffic never clicks past the first page. It is imperative to have a strong content strategy to increase your SEO and page ranking.  

In order to capitalize on the power of content, it has to be infused with keywords. Also think about external links to authoritative websites, high-quality photos, and superiorly relevant information.

Execute a strategy rich in content that addresses concerns and answers the questions prospective leads have. Be consistent and frequent with your article postings. You will build your rapport, strengthen your online presence, increase your website page ranking, and generate quality leads.

Social Media

Social media marketing is one thing no business should skip over in today’s digital world. A study conducted by Global Web Index reported consumers spending an average of 2 hours per day strictly on social media networks. This equates to 14 hours each week where you can be connected with potential leads if you build a strong online presence via social media platforms.

The secret to capitalizing on social media is to build strong relationships with valuable content. Nurture new leads. Don’t just post on social media; interact and engage with your audience. Start using it as a lead-generation tool.

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