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Nicole and Jamie Hilderbrand

When it comes to real estate, customer service is everything. In today’s episode of the Be Better podcast, Donald is joined by two women who set themselves apart with this key ingredient to more sales – exceptional customer service by putting the customer first. Nicole and Jamie Hilderbrand are a sister-in-law duo married to identical twins. Find out how they match business and family relationships in today’s episode.

Why is customer service so important?

  • Clients express to them their experience with past realtors is a lack of communication- not giving information or responding to emails.
  • Nicole and Jamie wanted to avoid that mistake, so they decided to make their communication the best it could possibly be.
  • As a family-owned business, they know firsthand the importance of interacting with one another. They just extended that notion to their clients.
  • They often represent the builder, not the buyers. Despite this, they make a concentrated effort to connect with buyers, even once the transaction is complete.

Little things make a huge impact:

  • Learning people’s backstory will build the relationship. Understand why they’re coming to the area and what they hope to get from living in the community.
  • As a realtor, you can help guide and support the buyer to find a house that matches those goals and dreams. 
  • Realtors must have a level of vulnerability when working with others. Honesty is everything, and clients can tell when you’re withholding information.
  • Putting the client first makes a good realtor; don’t work purely for the transaction.

A service mindset leads to financial success:

  • Jamie and Nicole eat, breathe, and sleep service – they want to make their work help others. That dedication and discipline bring them success.
  • It’s a learning experience. They’re open to learning new things and trying new strategies because the available technology and resources are constantly evolving.

Maintaining family ties within the business:

  • Their husbands’ parents instilled in them to put their families first, and Nicole and Jamie agreed that they were both taught to work for what they wanted.
  • However, when arguments arise, they come together and work through the issue. To them, there’s no other option – if there’s a problem, they’ll take care of it.
  • Remember, you have to take care of yourself before taking care of others.

With anything, walk in with confidence and do what you need to make something happen. If you’re too uncertain, that’s a sign you need to educate yourself more on your product.

Their parting advice to their younger selves? Set high standards, have a plan and don’t be afraid to fail. With hard work, you can achieve any level of success. 

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