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Mallorie Denmon on Be Better Podcast

Sometimes in life, you have to adapt. Whether that’s because of a change in the market or a global pandemic, adaptability is key to pivoting your career. In today’s episode of the Be Better podcast, Kim and Donald are joined by Mallorie Denmon. As a salesperson in live entertainment, she had to switch up her career aspirations in the face of COVID, and we learned just how that transition led to her real estate success. 

What was Mallorie’s plan A? 

  • Mallorie’s original aspiration was to be a businesswoman. She had studied, interned, and prepared to join the business world upon graduation. 
  • She ultimately found a position at Altria in Pittsburgh, Kansas, and Mallorie worked there for about a year before moving to Kansas City. 
  • A new entertainment venue was built in Kansas City, and Mallorie got a job selling premium products and suites to business owners.
  • Because of this position, she even had the opportunity to go to the Grammys in 2019! 

But then, the pandemic hit.

  • On March 31, 2020, her boss told her to take her laptop and go home. She was furloughed.
  • Mallorie wasn’t worried yet, because she was told they’d come back in July.
  • But July came, and 90% of the furloughed workers were laid off. The final 10% (including Mallorie) were now furloughed until September to November.  

Mallorie couldn’t take the unknown anymore. 

  • She thought real estate aligned with her personality, skill set, and identity. So, she signed up for classes and got to studying.
  • During that time, she wondered whether she should be applying for positions in the job market or if she was genuinely doing what was best for her situation. 
  • But she kept going and later passed her exam.

She didn’t start making money right away.

  • Mallorie needed to establish a brand. She got her social profiles together, launched a website, and learned to trust the process. Finally, she was ready to get clients.
  • The first sale was special. A nail tech she’s known for over ten years asked to be her client. And thanks to help from her broker and her mentor, Mallorie was able to help them find their new home.
  • When the dust settles, impacting her community makes this career worthwhile to Mallorie. 

Mallorie’s advice to her younger self? Don’t wait. If you have a goal, make a plan and execute it.  

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