Sell My House Quickly: How to Make it Easy for Eager Home Sellers


Many clients tell real estate agents: sell my house quickly. Sometimes this sense of urgency is purely personal. In other instances, it might be due to a job transfer, family emergency, or financial crisis. Regardless of the reason, a real estate agent’s mission is to make every client happy. Keep these tips in mind to sell homes quickly and simplify the process for eager home sellers.

The Price is Right

Accurately pricing a home makes the difference between a fast sale and waiting months for a viable offer. While sellers want top dollar, sometimes it makes sense to list the house just under market value. This strategy is particularly useful in a sellers market. A competitively priced home can set off a bidding war and get sold for more than anyone expected.

Become Mr. and Mrs. Clean

Sellers might have a relaxed lifestyle and feel comfortable with some messiness around the house. But an untidy house is sure to deter buyers. Tell sellers to become Mr. and Mrs. Clean to sell the house as quickly as possible. Take out the garbage, get rid of unpleasant odors, and put away pet paraphernalia. While the current owners might love Fluffy and Fido, buyers may not be pet-friendly.

Remove the Personal Touches

Most people have personal expressions in nearly every room. Photographs, awards, and witty statements make a house feel like home to its occupants. But potential buyers get distracted by these personal touches. Have clients get rid of them and put extra items in storage. Buyers typically look in closets, basements, and attics so they shouldn’t be filled with clutter. The price of a storage unit is worth it when buyers can effectively visualize themselves in the home – and make a quick offer.

Take it Up a Notch with Professional Staging

Once the personal items and clutter are gone, encourage sellers to take it up a notch. Hire a professional staging company to set the scene for a fast sale. The right environment appeals to potential buyers and encourages them to make an offer. Modern furnishings, elegant accents, and a sophisticated vibe make listing photos stand out. And having more than six listing photos helps homes get noticed right away.

Crank Up the Curb Appeal

After years of living in the same house, people often overlook little details that mean a lot to buyers. One of them is exterior of the house. Cranking up the curb appeal is easy. Encourage sellers to look at the house with an objective eye. Small changes go a long way. Plant flowers in the front yard, trim the lawn, fix the slats on a wooden fence, and paint the trim of the house. Clean up the backyard to get rid of toys, stored items, and debris.

Make the Property Available At All Times

Buyers have schedules and want to view homes at their convenience. Encourage sellers to make the property available for viewing at all times. Ask the sellers if you can have the keys to show the house when they are at work or out for the day. Be accessible in the evenings and on weekends to show the house to the most potential buyers. The more people who see the house, the higher the likelihood it will sell fast.

Create an Alluring Listing

Once all the preliminary cleanup and repairs are done, create an alluring listing with plenty of photos. Create a video tour to show off the finer aspects of the property and attract buyers outside the area. Craft a compelling description that highlights unique features of the home, such as a fireplace, hardwood floors, swimming pool, or jetted bathtub. Focus on the benefits of the locations, such as award-winning schools or proximity to shopping. Market the lifestyle as well as the home.

Give the House Excellent Exposure

Marketing is crucial to selling the home quickly. List the house immediately on MLS. Post the listing on your company blog and social media pages, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Money magazine also recommends sharing the listing on classified sites such as Craigslist. Ask the sellers about placing a “For Sale” sign on the property to attract the attention of neighbors and passersby. Sometimes locals are looking for available homes for family members to move nearby.

With attention to detail and tenacity, real estate agents can help eager clients sell their homes quickly. And if the clients are buying a home, offer to help them find a dream house and coordinate the transactions at the same time. A helpful agent who exceeds their expectations is sure to get referrals. Simply respond to the statement, “Sell my house quickly,” with the word, “Yes!”

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