The Basics of Boosting on Facebook


Boosting a Facebook post is the perfect way to test your brand’s message. With a high-quality ad that is relevant to a specific target audience, you will have cheaper clicks with a higher Relevance Score. One of the benefits of boosting a post is the increased organic reach for the next few posts that follow. People only see posts from pages they already engage with on a regular basis. Maximize your campaign by making the most of boosted posts with the following tips.


If you are ready to boost a post, you are in good company. Seventy-five percent of brands pay to promote their Facebook posts. The first step when investing in this marketing strategy is to determine which of your posts perform above average and which are ready to be shared with a broader audience as a stellar supplement to your existing ad campaigns. To start, make sure that the image does not contain more than 20 percent text. These types of posts are only allowed for up to 14 days.


Make sure to wait at least a day or two from the original posting date before boosting a post. This way you will have a chance to gauge the amount of organic engagement it is earning. Facebook will notify you if a post is performing 80 percent better than your other content. However, a post that performs 60 to 70 percent better is still ideal for boosting. There is no need to wait for a notification to consider this avenue before boosting.


Redirect any boosted post back to your website or landing page. The goal of every boosted post is to increase impressions and engagements to draw traffic to your website. A relevant outside link might be valuable to your audience but focus on investing in content your business has generated in-house.


Another reason to boost a post is to gather intelligence. Keep a count of shares and comments. Use a boosted post as an opportunity to engage with potential and past clients. See which ones perform well and review how they can be tweaked in the future for greater success.

Let the world know how much you have to offer with the right marketing. Make every ad count toward your success.

As a marketer, you’re in the people business. Make every ad count.

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