Five Fun and Inspiring Real Estate Business Marketing Ideas


Most real estate agents follow a similar marketing pattern to sell homes. First, the property description and images appear on MLS. The agent places ads in local publications and adds the property listing to social media. Then an open house is held, and the agent follows up with brokers and clients via phone and email. All of these tried-and-true methods are effective but don’t make agents stand out from the competition. It’s time to dare to be different. Consider one or more fun and inspiring real estate business marketing ideas.

Use a Drone

Drones are becoming a buzzword as businesses consider innovative ways to use them, such as delivering packages. Consider how Time magazine used drones to create its amazing May 2018 cover. Real estate agents can also use drones to take aerial photographs of their  latest real estate listings and the overall community. These one-of-a-kind images set a local real estate agency apart from its competitors. Very few agents are using drones to take pictures with a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood. Choosing this technology goes a step beyond the cutting-edge 360 videos agents are creating to market homes. Since most people don’t have a drone in the garage, outsource the work. Hire a drone videographer or use a mobile app to get a drone on demand. Publicize the images and include the real estate name, website, and contact info, so everyone knows the innovators who captured the photos.

Where’s the Party?

Instead of making everyone yawn through cheese and crackers at another generic open house, plan a party. Contact a local magazine or pop-up shop to see if they are looking for a venue for an upcoming event. Larger homes are an ideal spot for these parties. And real estate agents might be able to get a rental fee for the day, which is sure to please the sellers. The party will alert many locals that the house is on the market and may inspire offers. Stage the home to look modern and luxurious for the event. Or host a party by inviting people from the agency’s Facebook group or LinkedIn group. If the agency doesn’t have either, use Meetup to plan a party and brings locals to see the house. Often people don’t realize a house is available. Inviting a diverse crowd is an excellent way to spread the word.

Offer a Cutting-Edge Whitepaper

Whitepapers are a timeless way to attract traffic to a website and establish a real estate agent as an industry authority. Many of these whitepapers cover the same topics in similar ways. People have probably already read something similar from a competitor. Visitors might surf away rather than provide an email address to download the whitepaper. Vary from the norm by creating a whitepaper with a catchy title that still answers the average buyer’s most compelling questions. For example, instead of “Ten Tips to Buy the Right House, “ try “Just Saw Your Hundredth House? How to Stop the Music and Find Your Dream Home.” Create a catchy title, have an upbeat tone in the whitepaper, and give people reasons to smile, have hope, and contact the agency.

Discover the Power of a Blank Business Card

While many people access info online and connect with businesses, the classic business card is still a necessity. But why not do it differently from the competition? Stash a few blank business cards in a pocket or wallet. After meeting key contacts, write a personal message on the business card with your name, the agency’s name, and a contact number. The message should be friendly, unique, and make people remember you as soon as they read it. A handwritten business card is sure to stand out in a stack of printed ones. And the message will instantly remind the recipient of the meeting.

These are just a few fun and innovative real estate business marketing ideas. As technologies evolve, there will be more creative ways to generate leads. Use imagination, creativity, and a sense of humor to stand apart from the clamoring crowd. Be unique, so people remember you and want to contact you when they are ready to buy or sell property.

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