Savvy Home Selling Tips to Know Before Listing Properties for Sale


Hard work goes into getting a seller to sign a listing agreement. A REALTOR® must find viable prospects, view the properties, and make stellar selling suggestions to pique the interest of potential sellers. Before rushing to submit an MLS description, consider these savvy home selling tips to ensure you market the property correctly.

Live in the House

It is impractical to consider moving into every house you want to list. But you can move into the house in your mind. Drive around the neighborhood to find what it has to offer, including restaurants, shopping, and parks. Stroll around the property to visualize people unwinding outside or entertaining guests. Slowly soak up every room in the house. Visualize yourself cooking in the kitchen or sitting down to watch a favorite television show in the living room. These exercises help you sell a specific lifestyle rather than develop a generic listing description.

Become a Buyer

Once you imagine yourself living in the house, you can step into the shoes of a potential buyer. Study the demographics of the area and type of home. Who would be interested in buying the property and what are their reasons for wanting it? Couples with a dog and kids may prefer a house with multiple baths and a fenced yard in a location near the park. Singles might appreciate a low-maintenance home close to eateries that deliver and nightlife. Sell the neighborhood amenities as well as the features that make the house appealing. Encourage sellers to improve the curb appeal of a home to attract buyers. Talk to the sellers about revamping the front lawn to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Create a Checklist

Create a checklist of features, benefits, and problems while viewing the property. Be aware of what buyers will like and areas of concern. Look for updated windows, energy-saving appliances, remote lighting, and smart home devices that make the house appealing to modern buyers. Outline the basics, including the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces. Add a section for outdoor features, such as a shed, gazebo, patio, and swimming pool. Take note of issues such as an older heating system, worn carpeting, and dated appliances. Review the checklist to determine how to focus on the strong points and make favorable mentions of possible problems, using a statement such as “rustic feel” or “make it your own.” Check comparables to determine a realistic listing price for the house.

Get the Media Ducks in a Row

It takes more than an MLS description and a photo at your website to market a new listing. Buyers are accessing available homes via social media, email, text messages, and direct mail. Determine how the target market looks for information. Baby boomers may respond to colorful, professional direct mail brochures. Millennial clients may appreciate text message updates when new homes are listed. Be prepared by making connections with printers and services to tackle these essential tasks. For example, consider automating text messages by using specialized software.

Paint a Pretty Picture

While REALTORS® might not use a brush and canvas, professional photos and video paint a pretty picture of listed properties. If hiring a pro is impossible, invest in a quality camera and take a quick online photography course to get started. ALISON, an online learning community, offers a Harvard Extension School course called Exposing Digital Photography. Choose a camera that also takes video. Vimeo, a video posting site, has a free Video School to help people learn how to make better videos. Take advantage of sites such as YouTube and Vimeo to post video listings. Use Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook to post. Take advantage of social media features, such as Facebook events where real estate agents can announce an upcoming open house for a new listing. Be ready before the ink dries on the listing agreement to capture images that sell the property.

A Definitive Plan Closes the Deal

People prefer to work with real estate agents who know the smartest home selling tips to help sellers achieve their goals. Sellers can work with any real estate agent they like best. Make them want to work with you. Let them know your creative ideas and the marketing methods that will be used. Show genuine interest in every aspect of the home. Ask questions about its history, recent upgrades, and the time frame the seller has in mind for closing the sale. Use this information to hone an honest and compelling marketing approach.

Knowing the neighborhood, target market, and property features show sellers a REALTOR® is already working hard for their trust. Plus, this sets the scene for a real estate agent to start marketing the property right away rather than doing research later. These common-sense home selling tips help real estate agents sell homes quicker. A fast sale makes buyers happy and puts money in a real estate agent’s wallet.

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