How to Write Home Descriptions to Highlight Today’s Real Estate Trends


Today’s real estate market is much different from that of even one year ago, which means we need a new approach to real estate marketing – including the writing of home descriptions, which must highlight current real estate trends in order to be effective.

While agents may have been able to get away with writing traditional home descriptions in 2020 – ones that read like a typical virtual tour and followed somewhat of a standard template – buyers in 2021 are looking for more when they read about a property online.

When today’s buyers browse through real estate listings, they look for certain features to jump out and specific emotions to grab a hold of them. They want to know right away if the home they’re considering has a place to gather for family meals. 

Buyers browse real estate descriptions to see if the properties they’re thinking about have outdoor living spaces – and if they have mudrooms or defined entryways that make dealing with our current Covid realities less challenging.

It’s safe to say that many of today’s real estate trends are trending because of the collective coronavirus circumstances we have all been dealt. People are yearning for homes that will bring a bit of brightness and cheeriness into their lives (think bold pops of color in interior decor and in outdoor gardens for easy breezy living). Throughout the pandemic, buyers have become more aware of the value of hygienic surfaces (think touchless faucets and light fixtures) and they’ve gained an interest in next-level organizing solutions.

When writing your listing descriptions today, then, you should focus on selling and summarizing the features that current buyers are searching for. As always, home listing descriptions should be an expansion of your photo marketing efforts and they should offer an insider’s perspective into what it’s like to live in the property. More so than ever, your home descriptions should speak to today’s buyers’ concerns about cleanliness and comfort.

Let’s break down the components of a good home listing description and talk about ways to tailor your descriptions to highlight today’s real estate trends.

How Can a Catchy Listing Headline Highlight Today’s Real Estate Trends?

Whether you’re writing a blog post for your website or a home listing description, you only have a couple of seconds to catch the reader’s attention. This means that your headline (content and catchiness) is crucial. 

When writing home descriptions, remember to keep headlines short and be sure to use descriptive words. Your headline should evoke a response in relation to buyers’ connection with recent real estate trends. It should compel them to read the rest of the description to learn just how the home will fit into the lifestyle they’re currently looking for.

Here is an example of a compelling listing description headline:

Southern California Serenity: Soak in the Sunshine from Your Private Outdoor Oasis

Why Should Your Opening Statement Focus on Current Real Estate Trends?

Your listing description opening statement will inform buyers of the best features of the home right off the bat. It should detail the main benefits of the home as well as the property’s value to a buyer and the most important selling points that you couldn’t fit into the listing description headline.

Consider the following listing description opening statement and how it highlights many of the real estate trends that buyers currently search for:

This light and bright Dallas single-family home features a flexible floor plan with many multi-use spaces, and it offers a secured backyard for children and pets.

What do Adjectives Have to do with Highlighting Today’s Real Estate Trends?

Listing descriptions that use the right adjectives to zero in on today’s real estate trends are the ones that will help sell properties quickly. When writing your home descriptions, choose descriptive words that attract current buyers like:

  • Colorful
  • Bold
  • Clean
  • Lush
  • Airy
  • Private
  • Eco-friendly
  • and Smart

Other words that have traditionally compelled buyers to take action and continue to do so in today’s market include stainless, landscaped, basketball (court or hoop), tile, upgraded, and impeccable.

As always, avoid words that have confusing messages like fixer, potential, investment, or other descriptors that may indicate the property is currently not up to standards.

Additional Tips on Crafting Home Descriptions that Highlights Today’s Real Estate Trends

To create next-level home listing descriptions that capitalize on today’s real estate trends, consider the following tips:

  • Talk about neighborhood amenities (Is the home near parks or other open spaces? Walking trails? Restaurants with great take-out?)
  • Don’t write a book. Buyers know what they are looking for today, so keep real estate listing descriptions to a maximum of 250 words and include only information that will actively (and accurately) sell the property.
  • Have a colleague or broker review your listing description. Get feedback on your write-up and revise it if necessary to market directly to your or your team’s target buyer. *A bonus tip – Don’t be afraid to rework listing descriptions based on buyer feedback.

Finally, include a call to action in your home listing description, one that outlines the next steps you want buyers to take. For more tips on marketing to today’s real estate buyers, read through our Be Better Blog.

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